Behavioural languages - Part 1-1: VHDL Language Reference Manual

IEC 61691-1-1:2023 defines the syntax and semantics of the VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL). The acronym VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits) in the language’s name comes from the U.S. government program that funded early work on the standard. This is an IEC/IEEE dual logo standard.

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IEC 61691-1-1:2023 - Behavioural languages - Part 1-1: VHDL Language Reference Manual Released:11. 10. 2023
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IEC 61691-1-1
Edition 3.0 2023-10

IEEE Std 1076
Behavioural languages –
Part 1-1: VHDL Language Reference Manual
IEC 61691-1-1:2023-10(en)  IEEE Std 1076-2019

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IEC 61691-1-1
Edition 3.0 2023-10
IEEE Std 1076™
Behavioural languages –
Part 1-1: VHDL Language Reference Manual
ICS 25.040.01, 35.060 ISBN 978-2-8322-7517-7
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1. Overview. 14
1.1 Scope. 14
1.2 Purpose. 14
1.3 Structure and terminology of this standard . 14
1.4 Word usage . 16
2. Normative references. 18
3. Design entities and configurations. 19
3.1 General . 19
3.2 Entity declarations. 19
3.3 Architecture bodies . 22
3.4 Configuration declarations. 25
4. Subp

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