Wheelchairs — Part 30: Wheelchairs for changing occupant posture — Test methods and requirements

This document specifies the test methods and requirements for determining the safety and performance of a manual and/or power wheelchair that incorporates technology to alter the posture of the wheelchair occupant, which are either electrically or manually operated by the occupant or assistant during normal wheelchair use. This can include recline, tilt, elevate and stand-up mechanisms or a combination of these. In order for a wheelchair to be able to recline, tilt, elevate and/or stand-up, the wheelchair requires additional mechanisms and mechanical structures to allow these features to operate. This document specifies the different functional and strength tests required to test these wheelchairs in critical configurations of their adjustable range. This document does not cover wheelchairs where the only operator adjustable body support system (OABSS) is adjustable limb or head postural support devices alone (e.g. elevating leg supports). This document does not include wheelchair and postural support device customization during initial or subsequent setup of a wheelchair for an individual occupant. It also does not reflect other factors that can influence wheelchair stability such as occupant movement, cushion thickness, and the addition of ancillary equipment (e.g. respiratory support items).

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Wheelchairs —
Part 30:
Wheelchairs for changing occupant
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Foreword .v
Introduction .vi
1 Scope . 1
2 Normative references . 1
3 Terms and definitions . 2
4 Test methods . 3
4.1 General principle . 3
4.2 Test preparation . 3
4.3 Determining the maximum drivable configuration . 4
4.4 Order of testing . 4
5 General requirements . 4
5.1 Application . 4
5.2 Static stability . 4
5.3 Dynamic stability of electrically powered wheelchairs . 5
5.4 Efficiency of brakes . 6
5.5 Overall dimensions . 6
5.6 Strength tests. 6
5.6.1 General. 6
5.6.2 Multi drum test . 6

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