This Technical Report provides background information to the deliberations within CEN that led to establish a specification for blending from more than 10 % (V/V) up to 30 % (V/V) of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) in diesel fuel to be used in captive fleet application for designated vehicles. It gives guidance and explanations to the producers, blenders, marketers and users of high FAME diesel blends (B11 to B30).
The sole designation "Bxx" refers to a FAME-diesel blend where "xx" is the specific FAME content in volume percentage. The connotation "Byy fuel" is used in this document for a fuel with a defined range of FAME allowed and having "yy" volume percentage of FAME content as the maximum of that range.
NOTE   For the purposes of this document, the term “% (m/m)” and “% (V/V)” are used to represent the mass fraction, µ, and the volume fraction, φ, respectively.

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