IEC 63181-2:2020 specifies measuring methods for LCD multi-screen display terminals. To evaluate the characteristics of LCD multi-screen display terminals, the following measurement items are specified:
– gap (physical, optical): detailed splicing precision;
– splicing deviation: splicing accuracy of active areas of LCD splicing screen;
– installation deviation: the flatness of terminal surfaces in vertical and horizontal directions;
– luminance uniformity: luminance uniformity of adjacent LCD units;
– chromatic uniformity: chromatic uniformity of adjacent LCD units.

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IEC TS 63181-1:2019 specifies a conceptual model for LCD multi-screen display terminals. This document defines typical functional components to compose LCD multi-screen display terminals and describes the terminals' structure and signal flow. The document also clarifies signal processing in the terminals to create multi-screen sub-signals from a single video signal input.

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