Copper and copper alloys - Rod for free machining purposes

This document specifies the composition, property requirements and dimensional tolerances for copper alloy rod, in the shape of circles, squares, hexagons or octagons, finally produced by drawing or extruding, especially intended for free machining purposes.
The sampling procedures and the methods of test for verification of conformity to the requirements of this document are also specified.

Kupfer und Kupferlegierungen - Stangen für die spanende Bearbeitung

Dieses Dokument legt die Zusammensetzung, die Anforderungen an die Eigenschaften und Grenzabmaße für durch Ziehen oder Pressen endgefertigte Stangen in runder, quadratischer, sechseckiger oder achteckiger Form aus Kupferlegierungen für die spanende Bearbeitung fest.
Der Ablauf der Probenahme und die Prüfverfahren zur Feststellung der Übereinstimmung mit den Anforderungen dieses Dokuments sind ebenfalls festgelegt.

Cuivre et alliages de cuivre - Barres pour décolletage

Le présent document spécifie la composition, les exigences de propriétés et les tolérances dimensionnelles des barres en alliage de cuivre de forme ronde, carrée, hexagonale ou octogonale, fabriquées par étirage ou filage, particulièrement conçues pour le décolletage.
Les modes opératoires d’échantillonnage et les méthodes d’essai pour la vérification de la conformité aux exigences du présent document sont également spécifiés.

Baker in bakrove zlitine - Palice za obdelavo z odrezovanjem na avtomatih

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oSIST prEN 12164:2022
Baker in bakrove zlitine - Palice za obdelavo z odrezovanjem na avtomatih
Copper and copper alloys - Rod for free machining purposes
Kupfer und Kupferlegierungen - Stangen für die spanende Bearbeitung
Cuivre et alliages de cuivre - Barres pour décolletage
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: prEN 12164
77.150.30 Bakreni izdelki Copper products
oSIST prEN 12164:2022 en,fr,de
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

oSIST prEN 12164:2022
oSIST prEN 12164:2022
prEN 12164
August 2022
ICS 77.150.30 Will supersede EN 12164:2016
English Version
Copper and copper alloys - Rod for free machining
Cuivre et alliages de cuivre - Barres pour décolletage Kupfer und Kupferlegierungen - Stangen für die
spanende Bearbeitung
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United Kingdom.
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oSIST prEN 12164:2022
prEN 12164:2022 (E)
Contents Page
European foreword . 4
Introduction . 6
1 Scope . 7
2 Normative references . 7
3 Terms and definitions . 8
4 Designations. 8
4.1 Material . 8
4.1.1 General . 8
4.1.2 Symbol . 8
4.1.3 Number . 8
4.2 Material condition . 8
4.3 Product . 9
5 Ordering information . 11
6 Requirements . 12
6.1 Composition . 12
6.2 Mechanical properties . 12
6.3 Resistance to dezincification . 12
6.4 Residual stress level . 13
6.5 Dimensions and tolerances . 13
6.5.1 Diameter or width across-flats . 13
6.5.2 Shape tolerances . 13
6.5.3 Straightness . 13
6.5.4 Length . 14
6.5.5 Corner radii . 14
6.5.6 Twist of polygonal rod . 14
6.5.7 Shaped ends . 14
6.6 Surface quality. 15
6.7 Internal inclusion . 16
7 Sampling . 16
7.1 General . 16
7.2 Analysis . 16
7.3 Mechanical tests . 17
7.4 Dezincification resistance and stress corrosion resistance tests . 17
8 Test methods . 17
8.1 Analysis . 17
8.2 Tensile test . 17
8.2.1 General . 17
8.2.2 Location of test pieces . 17
8.2.3 Shape and size of test pieces . 18
8.2.4 Procedure for testing . 18
8.2.5 Determination of results . 18
8.3 Hardness test . 18
8.4 Dezincification resistance test . 18
8.5 Stress corrosion resistance test . 18
8.6 Determination of the electrical conductivity . 19
oSIST prEN 12164:2022
prEN 12164:2022 (E)
8.7 Retests . 19
8.7.1 Analysis, tensile test, hardness test and dezincification resistance test,
determination of the electrical conductivity . 19
8.7.2 Stress corrosion resistance test . 19
8.8 Rounding of results . 19
9 Declaration of conformity and inspection documentation . 20
9.1 Declaration of conformity . 20
9.2 Inspection documentation . 20
10 Marking, packaging, labelling . 20
Annex ZA (informative) Relationship between this European Standard and the essential
requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU (Pressure equipment Directive) aimed to be
covered . 44
Bibliography . 45

oSIST prEN 12164:2022
prEN 12164:2022 (E)
European foreword
This document (prEN 12164:2022) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 133 “Copper and
copper alloys”, the secretariat of which is held by DIN.
This document is currently submitted to the CEN Enquiry.
This document will supersede EN 12164:2016.
In comparison with EN 12164:2016, the following significant technical changes were made:
a) Introduction in 6.6 of eddy current test parameters;
b) Introduction of 6.7 Internal inclusion;
c) Shape and size of test pieces for Tensile test modified;
d) Modified the definition of diameter or width across-flats at 6.5.1;
e) Added a new Figure for straightness at 6.5.3 and modified values in Table 18;
f) Introduction in the chemical composition Tables of a footnote to explain the meaning of elements for
which no upper and lower limits are defined;
g) Deleted alloys groups in Table 7;
h) CuZn4Si4MnP (CW245E) and CuZn9Si4MnP (CW246E) added in the new Table 3 and new Table 10;
i) Chemical composition of CuZn39Pb3 (CW614N), CuZn40Pb2 (CW617N), CuZn35Pb1,5AlAs
(CW625N) and CuZn33Pb1,5AlAs (CW626N) modified in Table 7;
j) Added a new alloy CuZn40Pb1 (CW627N) in Table 7 and Table 14;
k) Chemical composition of CuZn33Pb1AlSiAs (CW725R) modified in Table 8;
l) CuNi12Zn38Mn5Pb2 (CW407J) added in Table 4 and Table 11;
m) Added a new alloy CuZn36Si1P (CW726R) in Table 8 and Table 15;
n) Range of width across-flats for CuZn21Si3P (CW724R) modified in Table 15;
o) Table 23 and Table 24 added;
p) Annex ZA added.
This document is one of a series of European Standards for the copper and copper alloy products rod,
wire, profile and forgings. Other products are specified as follows:
— EN 12163, Copper and copper alloys — Rod for general purposes;
— EN 12165, Copper and copper alloys — Wrought and unwrought forging stock;
— EN 12166, Copper and copper alloys — Wire for general purposes;
oSIST prEN 12164:2022
prEN 12164:2022 (E)
— EN 12167, Copper and copper alloys — Profiles and bars for general purposes;
— EN 12168, Copper and copper alloys — Hollow rod for free machining purposes;
— EN 13601, Copper and copper alloys — Copper rod, bar and wire for general electrical purposes;
— EN 13602, Copper and copper alloys — Drawn, round copper wire for the manufacture of electrical
— EN 13605, Copper and copper alloys — Copper profiles and profiled wire for electrical purposes.
This document has been prepared under a Standardization Request given to CEN by the European
Commission and

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