Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for dog-step ladders (ISO 9519:1990)

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Schiffbau und Meerestechnik - Wand- und Mastsprossen (ISO 9519:1990)

Diese Internationale Norm legt Formen, Masse, Werkstoffe, Verarbeitung und Bezeichnung von Wand- und Mastsprossen fest. Ausserdem werden Anbringung und Anordnung der einzelnen Sprossen beschrieben. Leitern, die aus Einzelsprossen bestehen, dürfen nur dort verwendet werden, wo festangebrachte Steigleitern mit Wangen nicht eingebaut werden können. Sprossen, die an Schiffsaufbauten und Wänden angebracht werden, sollten nur zur Überbrückung geringer Höhenunterschiede dienen.

Construction navale et structures maritimes - Echelons pour marchepieds (ISO 9519:1990)

La présente Norme internationale prescrit les types, les dimensions, le matériau, la fabrication et la désignation des échelons pour marchepieds; elle prescrit également le mode d'installation et la composition des différents échelons constituant le marchepied. Les marchepieds, formés d'échelons séparés soudés à la structure du navire, ne sont installés que lorsqu'il est impossible d'installer des échelles verticales fixes à montants. Les marchepieds ne doivent servir à relier que des points situés à une faible différence de hauteur. Les marchepieds spécifiés dans la présente Norme internationale peuvent aussi être installés sur des structures maritimes autres que des navires et à des fins identiques.  
NOTE 1 Les utilisateurs de la présente Norme internationale devront noter qu'ils auront également à respecter les éventuels règlements et prescriptions réglementaires applicables au type de navire ou de structure maritime considéré.

Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for dog-step ladders (ISO 9519:1990)

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SIST EN 29519:2000
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for dog-step ladders (ISO 9519:1990)
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for dog-step ladders (ISO 9519:1990)
Schiffbau und Meerestechnik - Wand- und Mastsprossen (ISO 9519:1990)
Construction navale et structures maritimes - Echelons pour marchepieds (ISO
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 29519:1993
47.020.10 Ladijski trupi in njihovi Hulls and their structure
konstrukcijski elementi elements
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SIST EN 29519:2000

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SIST EN 29519:2000

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SIST EN 29519:2000

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SIST EN 29519:2000
First edition
1990-l 1-o 1
- p--p_I_- --__
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for
dog-step ladders
Construction navale et structures maritimes - Echelons pour
Reference number
IS0 9519: 1990(E)

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SIST EN 29519:2000
IS0 9519:1990(E)
IS0 (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide
federation of national standards bodies (IS0 member bodies). The work
of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through IS0
technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for
which a technical committee has been established has the right to be
represented on that committee. International organizations, govern-
mental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the
work. IS0 collaborates closely with the International Electrotechnical
Commission (IEC) on all matters of electrotechnical standardization.
Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are
circulated to the member bodies for voting. Publication as an lnter-
national Standard requires approval by at least 75 % of the member
bodies casting a vote.
International Standard IS0 9519 was prepared by Technical Committee
lSO/TC 8, Shipbuilding and marine structures.
This first edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IS0 5487:1981:
basically a technical revision of this, it retains the main dimensions of
rungs for superstructures (which accord with the IL0 Minimum require-
ments for hold ladders) but extends it, notably in the code letters, more
precise material requirements (clause 4), surface finish (5.2) and toler-
ances (6.3).
0 IS0 1990
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form
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SIST EN 29519:2000
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IS0 9519:1990(E)
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Rungs for dog-step
IS0 2768~1:1989, General foIerances -- Part I: Toler-
1 Scope
ances for linear and angular dimensions without in-
dividual tolerance indications.
This International Standard specifies the types, di-
mensions, material, manufacture and designation of
rungs for dog-step ladders; it also lays down the in-
3 Types
stallation and composition of single rungs forming a
dog-step ladder.
Rungs for dog-step ladders are divided into the fol-
lowing two types:
Dog-step ladders, formed from single rungs, may
only be used where fixed vertical ladders with
Type A for ship’s structure;
stringers l) cannot be installed. Dog-step ladders fit-
ted to the ship’s structure should serve only to
Type B for ship’s masts.
bridge minor differences in height.
Dog-step ladders as specified in this International
4 Material
Standard may also be fitted to marine structures
other than ships to serve equivalent purposes.
4.1 Semi-finished product
NOTE 1 Users of this International Standard should
The rungs shall be formed from steel square bars
note that they should ensure compliance with such statu-
meeting the specification of IS0 1035-Z.
tory requirements, rules and regulations as may be ap-
plicable to the individual ship or marine structure
4.2 Steel quality
The bars shall be made of steel meeting the speci-
fication of IS0 630, grade Fe 360, as the minimum
2 Normative references
NOTE 2 Alternatively, ship quality steel may be used
The following standards contain provisions which, provided that it has equivalent mechanical and welding
through reference in this text, constitute provisions
of this International Standard. At the

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