Low-voltage surge protective devices - Part 12: Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems - Selection and application principles

Applies to surge protective devices (SPD's) used to protect, under specific conditions, electrical systems and equipment against various overvoltage and impulse curents (e.g. lightning, switching surges). Information is provided on equipment to be protected, system characteristics, insulation levels, overvoltages, methods of installation, location, co-ordination and failure modes of SPD's, as well as equipment failure consequences.

Überspannungsschutzgeräte für Niederspannung - Teil 12: Überspannungsschutzgeräte für den Einsatz in Niederspannungsanlagen - Auswahl und Anwendungsgrundsätze

Parafoudres basse tension - Partie 12: Parafoudres connectés aux réseaux de distribution basse tension - Principes de choix et d'application

Nizkonapetostne naprave za zaščito pred prenapetostnimi udari - 12. del: Naprave za zaščito pred prenapetostnimi udari za nizkonapetostne napajalne sisteme – Izbira in načela za uporabo (IEC 61643-12:2002, spremenjen)

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TS CLC/TS 61643-12:2007
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CLC/TS 61643-12

August 2006

ICS 29.240;29.240.10

English version

Low-voltage surge protective devices
Part 12: Surge protective devices connected
to low-voltage power systems –
Selection and application principles
(IEC 61643-12:2002, modified)

Parafoudres basse tension  Überspannungsschutzgeräte für
Partie 12: Parafoudres connectés aux Niederspannung
réseaux de distribution basse tension – Teil 12: Überspannungsschutzgeräte für
Principes de choix et d'application den Einsatz in Niederspannungsanlagen –
(CEI 61643-12:2002, modifiée)
Auswahl und Anwendungsgrundsätze
(IEC 61643-12:2002, modifiziert)

This Technical Specification was approved by CENELEC on 2006-04-15.

CENELEC members are required to announce the existence of this TS in the same way as for an EN and to
make the TS available promptly at national level in an appropriate form. It is permissible to keep conflicting
national standards in force.

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Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
Europäisches Komitee für Elektrotechnische Normung

Central Secretariat: rue de Stassart 35, B - 1050 Brussels

© 2006 CENELEC - All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved worldwide for CENELEC members.
Ref. No. CLC/TS 61643-12:2006 E

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CLC/TS 61643-12:2006 – 2 –
The text of the International Standard IEC 61643-12:2002, prepared by SC 37A, Low-voltage
surge protective devices, of IEC TC 37, Surge arresters, together with the common
modifications prepared by CLC 37A was submitted to the formal vote. The combined text was
approved by CENELEC as CLC/TS 61643-12 on 2006-04-15.
The following date was fixed:
– latest date by which the existence of the CLC/TS
has to be announced at national level (doa) 2006-07-01
Annex ZA has been added by CENELEC.

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– 3 – CLC/TS 61643-12:2006
Keys to understanding the structure of this standard.6
List of variables and abbreviations used in this standard.8
1 Scope.10
2 Normative references .10
3 Definitions .10
4 Systems and equipment to be protected .15
4.1 Low-voltage power distribution systems.15
4.1.1 Lightning overvoltages and currents .16
4.1.2 Switching overvoltages .16
4.1.3 Temporary overvoltages U .17
4.2 Characteristics of the equipment to be protected .18
5 Surge protective devices .18
5.1 Basic functions of SPDs .18
5.2 Additional requirements.18
5.3 Classification of SPDs .

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