Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-11: Particular requirements for tumble dryers

IEC 60335-2-11:2008 deals with the safety of electric tumble dryers intended for household and similar purposes. The rated voltage being not more than 250 V for single-phase appliances and 480 V for other appliances. This standard also applies to the drying function of washing machines having a drying cycle, as well as the safety of tumble dryers that use a refrigerating systemincorporating sealed motor-compressors, for drying textile material. These appliances may use flammable refrigerants. The major changes in this edition as compared with the sixth edition are as follows: aligns the text with IEC 60335-1, Ed 4, and its Amendments 1 and 2; some notes have been converted to normative text (7.101, 11.8, 20.102, 20.103 and Annex AA).

Sicherheit elektrischer Geräte für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche Zwecke - Teil 2-11: Besondere Anforderungen für Trommeltrockner

Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues - Sécurité - Partie 2-11: Règles particulières pour les sèche-linge à tambour

La CEI 60335-2-11:2008 traite de la sécurité des sèche-linge à tambour électriques pour usages domestiques et analogues dont la tension assignée n'est pas supérieure à 250 V pour les appareils monophasés et à 480 V pour les autres appareils. La présente norme s'applique aussi à la fonction séchage des machines à laver ayant un cycle de séchage et traite également de la sécurité des sèche-linge à tambour utilisant un système de réfrigération à motocompresseur hermétique pour sécher le linge. Ces appareils peuvent utiliser des fluides frigorigènes inflammables. Les principales modifications de la présente édition par rapport à la sixième édition sont les suivantes: alignement du texte avec la CEI 60335-1, Ed 4, et ses Amendements 1 et 2; conversion de certaines notes en exigences (7.101,11.8, 20.102, 20.103 et Annexe AA).

Gospodinjski in podobni električni aparati - Varnost - 2-11. del: Posebne zahteve za bobenske sušilnike (IEC 60335-2-11:2008)

Ta klavzula 1. dela je nadomeščena z naslednjim: Ta mednarodni standard obravnava varnost električnih bobenskih sušilnikov za gospodinjstvo in podobne namene, katerih napetost je manjša od 250 V za enofazne aparate in od 480 V za ostale aparate. Ta standard obravnava tudi varnost bobenskih sušilnikov, ki uporabljajo hladilni sistem, kateri vsebuje zaprte gnane kompresorje za sušenje tekstilnih materialov. Ti aparati lahko uporabljajo vnetljiva hladilna sredstva. Dodatne zahteve za te aparate so podane v Dodatku BB. Aparati, ki niso namenjeni za običajno rabo v gospodinjstvu, vendar so kljub temu lahko vir nevarnosti za javnost, kot naprave, namenjene uporabi laikov v trgovinah, v lahki industriji in na kmetijah, spadajo v področje uporabe tega standardu. V kolikor je izvedljivo, se ta standard ukvarja s splošnimi nevarnostmi, ki jih predstavljajo aparati in na katere so naletele osebe doma ali v okolici doma. Vendar na splošno ne upošteva – oseb (vključno z otroki), katerim – pomanjkanje fizičnih, čutilnih ali duševnih zmožnosti ali – pomanjkanje izkušenj in znanja preprečuje varno uporabo aparata brez nadzora ali navodil; - igranje otrok z aparatom.

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SIST EN 60335-2-11:2003
SIST EN 60335-2-11:2003/A1:2004
SIST EN 60335-2-11:2003/A11:2009
SIST EN 60335-2-11:2003/A2:2006
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety -- Part 2-11: Particular requirements
for tumble dryers
Sicherheit elektrischer Geräte für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche Zwecke - Teil 2-11:
Besondere Anforderungen für Trommeltrockner
Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues - Sécurité -- Partie 2-11: Règles particulières
pour les sèche-linge à tambour
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 60335-2-11:2010
13.120 Varnost na domu Domestic safety
97.060 Aparati za nego perila Laundry appliances
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

EN 60335-2-11
April 2010
ICS 97.060; 13.120 Supersedes EN 60335-2-11:2003 + corr. Jul.2003 + A1:2004 + A2:2006 + A11:2008

English version
Household and similar electrical appliances -
Safety -
Part 2-11: Particular requirements for tumble dryers
(IEC 60335-2-11:2008)
Appareils électrodomestiques  Sicherheit elektrischer Geräte
et analogues - Sécurité - für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche
Partie 2-11: Règles particulières Zwecke -
pour les sèche-linge à tambour Teil 2-11: Besondere Anforderungen
(CEI 60335-2-11:2008) für Trommeltrockner
(IEC 60335-2-11:2008)
This European Standard was approved by CENELEC on 2010-04-01. CENELEC members are bound to comply
with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard
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European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
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Ref. No. EN 60335-2-11:2010 E
The text of document 61/3646/FDIS, future edition 7 of IEC 60335-2-11, prepared by IEC Technical
Committee 61, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC
parallel vote.
A draft amendment was prepared by the Technical Committee CENELEC TC 61, Safety of household
and similar electrical appliances. It was discussed during the meeting of CENELEC TC 61 in Kista in
June 2008, when it was decided to submit a draft for an amendment to the Unique Acceptance
The combined texts were approved by CENELEC as EN 60335-2-11 on 2010-04-01.
This European Standard supersedes EN 60335-2-11:2003 + corr. July 2003 + A1:2004 + A2:2006 +
The principal changes compared to EN 60335-2-11:2003 and its amendments are as follows (minor
changes are not listed):
– aligns the text with EN 60335-1:2002 and its amendments,
– some notes have been converted to normative text.
Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of
patent rights. CEN and CENELEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent
The following dates are applicable:
- latest date by which the EN has to be implemented
at national level by publication of an identical
national standard or by endorsement (dop) 2011-04-01
- date on which national standards
conflicting with the EN have to be withdrawn (dow) 2015-04-01
This Part 2 has to be used in conjunction with EN 60335-1, Household and similar electrical appliances –
Safety – Part 1: General requirements. It was established on the basis of the 2002 edition of that
standard. Amendments and revisions of Part 1 have also to be taken into account and the dates when
such changes become applicable will be stated in the relevant amendment or revision of Part 1.
This Part 2 supplements or modifies the corresponding clauses of EN 60335-1, so as to convert it into the
European Standard: Safety requirements for electric tumble dryers.
When a particular subclause of Part 1 is not mentioned in this Part 2, that subclause applies as far as is
reasonable. When this standard states "addition", "modification" or "replacement", the relevant text of
Part 1 is to be adapted accordingly.
NOTE 1 The following numbering system is used:
– subclauses, tables and figures that are numbered starting from 101 are additional to those in Part 1;
– unless notes are in a new subclause or involve notes in Part 1, they are numbered starting from 101, including those in a
replaced clause or subclause;
– additional annexes are lettered AA, BB, etc.;
– subclauses, notes and annexes that are additional to those in the IEC standard are prefixed with the letter Z.
NOTE 2 The following print types are used:
– requirements: in roman type;
– test specifications: in italic type;
– notes: in small roman type.
Words in bold in the text are defined in Clause 3. When a definition concerns an adjective, the adjective and the associated noun
are also in bold.
- 3 - EN 60335-2-11:2010
There are no special national conditions causing a deviation from this European Standard, other than
those listed in Annex ZA to EN 60335-1.
There are no national deviations from this European Standard, other than those listed in Annex ZB to
EN 60335-1.
p NOTE In this document, p is used in the margin to indicate instructions for preparing the printed version.
Endorsement notice
The text of the International Standard IEC 60335-2-11:2008 was approved by CENELEC as a European
Standard with agreed common modifications as given below.
15 Moisture resistance
p 15.2 Add before the last paragraph:
For appliances having a working surface, the test is repeated with the appliance tilted at an angle of 2° in
relation to the position of normal use in the direction which is likely to be the most unfavourable.
The lid of top loading appliances is considered as a working surface if it is flat enough to put something
19 Abnormal operation
Add the following new subclause:
19.Z101  The appliance is supplied at rated voltage and operated under normal operation.
Any fault condition or unexpected operation that may be applied in normal use is introduced.
NOTE 1  Examples of fault conditions and unexpected operations are:
– the programmer stopping in any position;
– disconnection and reconnection of one or more phases of the supply during any part of the programme;
– open-circuiting or short-circuiting of components.
NOTE 2  In general, tests are limited to the fault conditions that may be expected to give the most unfavourable results. The
simulation of component faults is limited to those that could expose the user to a hazard.
NOTE 3  If the appliance stops at any particular point in the programme, the test with that fault condition is considered to be ended.
NOTE 4  The fault condition with
– thermal controls short-circuited is covered by 19.4;
– motor capacitors short-circuited or open-circuited is covered by 19.7.
24 Components
24.1.3  Addition:
The number of cycles of operation for the switching device in door interlocks is 30 000.
Add the following new subclause:
24.Z101  Switches complying with IEC 61058-1 are not short-circuited during the tests of Clause 19. The
tests of IEC 61058-1 are carried out under the conditions occurring in the appliance.

- 5 - EN 60335-2-11:2010
p Add the following notes to the standards mentioned:
IEC 60079 series NOTE Harmonized in EN 60079 series (not modified)
IEC 60436 NOTE Harmonized as EN 50242/EN 60436
IEC 60584-1 NOTE Harmonized as EN 60594-1
ISO 13732-1 NOTE Harmonized as EN ISO 13732-1

p Add:
Annex ZC
Normative references to international publications
with their corresponding European publications
Publication Year Title EN/HD Year
ISO 3864-1 - Graphical symbols – Safety colours and – –
safety signs –
Design principles for safety signs in
workplaces and public areas
IEC 60335-2-11
Edition 7.0 2008-07
Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety –
Part 2-11: Particular requirements for tumble dryers

Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues – Sécurité –
Partie 2-11: Règles particulières pour les sèche-linge à tambour

ICS 97.060; 13.120 ISBN 2-8318-9917-6
– 2 – 60335-2-11 © IEC:2008
1 Scope.8
2 Normative references .9
3 Definitions .9
4 General requirement.9
5 General conditions for the tests .9
6 Classification.10
7 Marking and instructions.10
8 Protection against access to live parts.12
9 Starting of motor-operated appliances .12
10 Power input and current .12
11 Heating .12
12 Void.13
13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature.13
14 Transient overvoltages .13
15 Moisture resistance .13
16 Leakage current and electric strength.14
17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits .14
18 Endurance.14
19 Abnormal operation .14
20 Stability and mechanical hazards .15
21 Mechanical strength .16
22 Construction .16
23 Internal wiring.17
24 Components .17
25 Supply connection and external flexible cords .17
26 Terminals for external conductors.17
27 Provision for earthing .17
28 Screws and connections .17
29 Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation .18
30 Resistance to heat and fire.18
31 Resistance to rusting.18
32 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards.

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