Report on the development of cogeneration

IEC TR 63388:2021 introduces the widely used technical scheme of cogeneration (also known as combined heat and power (CHP)), and gives the corresponding cases. The technical schemes of cogeneration covered in this technical report can be divided into two categories. One is cogeneration based on steam turbine, which is generally applied in thermal power plants; The other is cogeneration based on other prime movers, such as fuel cell, micro gas turbine, internal combustion engine, Stirling engine, ORC, etc.
This document gives some cases of cogeneration, mainly including:
• CHP based on extraction turbine;
• CHP based on back pressure turbine;
• Low-vacuum heating mode;
• LP cylinder steam bypassed heating mode;
• CHP based on steam turbine with synchro-self-shift clutches;
• Gas-steam combined cycle CHP;
• Micro gas turbine CHP;
• Stirling engine CHP;
• Fuel cell CHP; and
The characteristics, components and technical requirements of these technical schemes are introduced in this document.
By collecting existing standards of CHP, this document also identifies the gaps of CHP standardization and put forward a roadmap for future CHP standards.
This document is prepared based on limited expert resources. Thus, some cogeneration cases could not be covered in this document, such as:
• Solar cogeneration; and
• Internal combustion engine cogeneration.

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IEC TR 63388

Edition 1.0 2021-12


Report on the development of cogeneration
IEC TR 63388:2021-12(en)

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IEC TR 63388


Edition 1.0 2021-12





Report on the development of cogeneration




ICS 27.040 ISBN 978-2-8322-1058-7

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1 Background . 6
1.1 Task following SMB decision . 6
1.2 Scope . 7
1.3 Purpose . 8
2 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms . 8
2.1 Terms and definitions . 8
2.2 Abbreviated terms . 10
3 Overview of CHP . 10
3.1 What is CHP? . 10
3.2 Benefits of CHP . 12
3.3 Efficiency of CHP system . 13
4 Market situation of cogeneration . 14
4.1 Global situation .

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