Graphic technology — Multilingual terminology of printing arts — Part 2: Screen printing terms

Technologie graphique — Terminologie multilingue des arts graphiques — Partie 2: Termes d'impression au cadre

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ISO 12637-2:1997 - Graphic technology -- Multilingual terminology of printing arts
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1997-04- 15
Graphic technology - Multilingual
terminology of printing arts -
Part 2:
Screen printing terms
Technologie graphique - Terminologie multilingue des arfs graphiques -
Partie 2: Termes d’impression au cadre
Reference number
IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)

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IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
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2 Definitions (English and German)
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0 IS0 IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
IS0 (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide
federation of national standards bodies (IS0 member bodies). The work of
preparing International Standards is normally carried out through IS0
technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for which
a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented
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collaborates closely with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
on all matters of electrotechnical standardization.
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circulated to the member bodies for voting. Publication as an International
Standard requires approval by at least 75 % of the member bodies casting a
International Standard IS0 12637-2 was prepared by Technical Committee
I SOnC 130, Graphic technology.
IS0 12637 consists of the following parts, under the general title Graphic
technology - Multilingual terminology of printing arts:
- Part I: Fundamental terms
- Par? 2: Screen printing terms

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IS0 12637-2: 1997(E) 0 IS0
Documentation gives rise to numerous internationa’i exchanges of both
intellectual and material nature. These exchanges often become difficult,
either because of the great variety of terms used in various fields or
languages to express the same concept, or because of the absence of, or
the imprecision of, useful concepts.
To avoid misunderstandings due to this situation and to facilitate such
exchanges, it is advisable to select terms to be used in various languages or
in various countries to express the same concept, and to establish definitions
providing satisfactory equivalents for the various terms in different languages.
In addition, this part of IS0 12637 consists of several parts prepared over a
long period of time and it may be that the preparation of the later parts
introduces small inconsistencies with the early ones.

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Graphic technology - Multilingual terminology of
printing arts -
Part 2:
Screen printing terms
1 Scope
This part of IS0 12637 contains measures for screen printing and is intended to facilitate international
communication in this field. It presents definitions of selected concepts relevant to the field of screen
In order to facilitate their translation into other languages, the definitions are worded so as to avoid, as far
as possible, any peculiarity attached to one language.
NOTE - In addition to terms used in one of the three official IS0 languages (English, French and Russian), this
part of IS0 12637 gives the equivalent terms in the German language; these are published under the responsibility
of the member body for Germany (DIN). However, only the terms and definitions given in the official languages can
be considered as IS0 terms and definitions.

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0 IS0
IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
2 Definitions
English German
21 .
21 .
coating thickness Schichtdicke
im Siebdruck - die Differenz zwischen
in screen printing, the difference between the
Siebdruck-Schablonendicke und Siebdicke
screen-printing stencil thickness and thickness of
22 .
direct-indirect stencil IKombisiebdruckschablone
Siebdruck-Schablone, bei der direkte und
screen printing stencil with which the direct and
methods are combined indirekte Herstellungsverfahren kombiniert
the indi rect production
23 . 23 .
direct stencil
screen printing stencil produced on the screen Siebdruckschablone, die am
printing carrier Siebdruckschablonentrager hergestellt wird
24 .
wirksamer Rakelanstellwinkel (L&H)
effective squeegee angle
( %?ff
angle between the tangent at the squeegee blade Winkel zwischen Tangente am Rakelblatt und
and the printing substrate level, or the tangent at Bedruckstoffebene bzw. Tangente am Druck-
the pressure cylinder at the point of contact; the zylinder im Kontaktpunkt, in dem das Rakelblatt
auf der Druckform aufliegt
squeegee blade forms this angle with the printing
Squeegee holder
squeegee blade
inting material surface
er; pressure element
tylinder: Oruckkorper
Bild 1 - Wirksamer Rakelanstellwinkel
Figure 1 - Effective squeegee angle

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IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
0 IS0
25 .
25 .
frame cross section
frame cut off
bei Rohren - Rahmenprofilhohe x
height x depth of the frame cross section with
Rahmenprofiltiefe; fur die WerkstoffdickeI-lange
tubes; for material thickness/length of a cross
- Werkstoffmenge in einem Querschnitt; bei den
section blank, the amount of material in a
hohlen Rahmen - Breite der Werkstoff dicke
transverse cut; if frame is hollow, material
thickness width
26 . 26 .
frame height
Mat3 senkrecht zur Rahmenebene unter
dimension perpendicular to the frame level,
EinschluO aller zum Rahmen gehorenden Teile
including all parts firmly attached to the frame
27 .
ghost image
im Siebdruck -
in screen printing, the unintended, partial alteration ungewollte, partielle
of the density of colour within the image through Veranderung der Farbtiefe innerhalb des
Druckbildes durch EinfluO eines fruher
the influence of an earlier motif printed on the
same screen printing stencil carrier gedruckten Motivs auf demselben
28 .
28 .
image size (area)
length x width of the rectangle, oriented according Lange x Breite des nach dem Einteilungsbogen
to the press set-up forme, enclosing the image ausgerichteten Rechtecks, welches das
Druckbild einschlief3t
29 .
29 .
image store Druckbildspeicher
Speicher (z. B. Druckform), der fur die
store (e.g. printing forme) containing all the
Wiedergabe von Bild und/oder Text durch
information required to apply the printing ink to the
Drucken alle zur Aufbringung der Druckfarbe auf
printing substrate for the reproduction of
den Bedruckstoff erforderlichen Informationen
illustrations and/or text
2.10 2.10
indirect stencil
screen printing stencil which is attached to the Siebdruck-Schablone, die nach ihrer Herstellung
am Siebdruck-Schablonentrager befestigt wird
screen printing stencil carrier after its production
ink consumption Farbverbrauch
NaOvolumen einer bestimmten Druckfarbe, das
wet volume of a certain printing ink required for
beim Drucken mit einer bestimmten Druckform
printing with a certain printing forme
bendtigt wird
NOTE - The relative ink consumption refers to the
open stencil image size. ANMERKUNG - I3er relative Farbverbrauch bezieht
sich auf die offene Schablonenflache.

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0 IS0
IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
Farbru he
ink rest
von der Siebrakel nicht bestrichene Flache auf
squeegee clearance
der Siebdruckform-Oberseite
area on the upper surface of the screen printing
forme not stroked by the squeegee
ink trail Siebschleppe
diejenige Flache hinter der druckenden
the release zone behind the printing squeegee in
Siebdruckrakel, in der Bedruckstoff und
which the substrate and the printing forme are
Siebdruck-Schablone zeitlich begrenzt mittels
held in contact by means of the printing ink for a
Druckfarbe in Kontakt gehalten werden
limited period of time
inner frame dimension RahmeninnenmaRe
Iichte MaOe von Lange x Breite eines
inner dimensions of length x width of a screen
Siebdruckrahmens unter AusschluO aller zum
printing frame, excluding all parts firmly attached
Rahmen gehorenden Teile, in der projizierten
to the frame, measured in the projected frame
Rahmenebene gemessen
mesh count
Zahl der Siebfaden je Langeneinheit
the number of wire threads per unit length in a
screen mesh
mesh cutting size
Lange x Breite eines zugeschnittenen Stiickes
mesh cut-to-size piece
eines Siebes, das zum Bespannen des
length x width of a cut piece of mesh required for
Siebdruckrahmens benotigt wird
covering the screen printing frame cut from a roll
mesh elongation
increase in length or width of the mesh due to Langenanderung des Siebes in der Siebebene
applied force durch Krafteinwirkung
mesh extension
Siebverlangerung dividiert durch die
relative mesh elongation
urspriingliche Sieblange
mesh elongation divided by the original mesh

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IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)
0 IS0
2.19 2.19
mesh tension Siebspannung
the tensile force with which the screen printing die Zugkraft, mit welcher der
stencil carrier strains the screen printing frame
Siebdruck-Schablonentrager den
Siebdruckrahmen beansprucht
off-contact distance Siebdruckform-Distanz
Abstand zwischen Siebdruckform-Unterseite und
distance between the lower side of the screen 1
Bedruckstoff im druckbereiten Zustand
printing forme and the printing substrate when
ready to print
Siebijffnungsgrad (Gewebe)
open mesh area percentage
Flachenanteil der Summe aller Sieboffnungen an
proportion of the surface of all mesh openings with
der gesamten Siebflache in Prozent
respect to the total screening surface, in percent
2.22 2.22
offene (Siebdruck-) SchablonenfMiche
open (screen printing) stencil area
sum of the areas of all image elements of the Flachensumme aller Druckbildelemente der
screen printing stencil
outer frame dimension
length x width of a screen printing frame Lange x Breite eines Siebdruckrahmens ijber
alle zum Rahmen gehorenden Teile in der
measured over all those parts belonging to the
projizierten Rahmenebene gemessen
frame in the projected frame level
NOTE - the outer frame dimensions can be the same - Die RahmenauOenmaBe kijnnen
as the cross section blank dimensions. gleich den Profil-ZuschnittmaOen sein.
offenes Siebvolumen, relativ
percent open screen volume
relatives Siebvolumen abziiglich des Volumens
percent mesh volume
seiner materiellen Siebbestandteile, somit der
the relationship between that part of a screen
Raum des Siebes, der mit Druckfarbe gefullt
mesh that is blocked by threads, and a part that is
werden kann, dividiert durch den
open or between threads
entsprechenden Siebflacheninhalt
Prozel3 der Vervielfaltigung unter Vetwendung
a process of reproduction involving the transfer of
eines Hochdruck-, Flachdruck-, Tiefdruck-,
a material either coloured or not (ink etc.) to a
Durchdruck- oder eines anderen
substrate, using a relief, planographic, intaglio,
Druckbildspeichers, bei dem die Ubertragung
stencil or other image store
eines Mediums (z. B. Druckfarbe) auf eine
Unterlage (Bedruckstoff) erfolgt.

---------------------- Page: 9 ----------------------
IS0 12637-2: 1997(E) 0 IS0
2.26 2.26
printing forme
image store in the form of a tool adapted in such a Druckbildspeicher in Gestalt eines Werkzeugs,
way that printing ink can be transferred to the das so bearbeitet ist, daf3 damit Druckfarbe auf
printing substrate to reproduce a textual and/or den Bedruckstoff zur Wiedergabe einer
pictorial representation textlichen und/oder bildlichen Darstellung
ijbertragen werden kann
2.27 2.27
printing head Druckkijrper
part of the printing machine which, by acting Teil einer Druckmaschine, der zum ubertragen
against the printing forme or intermediate surface, der Druckfarbe von einem das Druckbild
supplies the pressure necessary for ink transfer tragenden K&per (Druckform oder uber-
tragzylinder) mit diesem zusammen den
erforderlichen PreOdruck herstellt
printing ink Druckfarbe
substance applied to the printing substrate during Substanz, die beim Drucken auf den
printing Bedruckstoff aufgebracht wird
2.29 2.29
printing side of the screen printing forme
(lower side)
Seite der Siebdruckform, auf der die Druckfarbe
the side of the screen printing forme on which the an den Bedruckstoff abgegeben wird
printing ink is applied to the printing substrate
2.30 2.30
rotary screen printing
screen printing rocedu re using a cyli ndrical fur das Siebdruckverfahren verwendet man eine
printing forme zylindrische Siebdruckform
NOTE 1 - Since the rotary forme rotates ANMERKUNG 1 - Da sich die Rotationssieb-
synchronously with the substrate an endless pattern druckform syncron mit dem Bedruckstoff dreht, kann
can be printing. man ein endloses Muster drucken.
NOTE 2 - Printing ink is pumped inside the cylindrical ANMERKUNG 2 - Die Druckfarbe wird in die
form; the squeegee is mounted inside the cylindrical zylindrische Siebdruckform gepumpt; die Rake1 ist in
forme. der zylindrischen Siebdruckform befestigt.
screen angle
with oblong-shaped half-tone dots, the angle die Winkel, in denen die Hauptachsen der
which the principal axis of the screen makes with Rasterpunkte zueinander stehen mussen, urn
the reference direction; with circular and square unerwunschte Moireeffekte zu vermeiden
dot shapes, the smallest angle which an axis of
[Einheit: Grad]
the screen makes with the reference direction
[unit: degree]

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IS0 12637-2: 1997(E)

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