ISO 3952-1:1981/Amd 1:2002

Schémas cinématiques - Symboles graphiques - Partie 1

Kinematični diagrami - Grafični simboli - 1. del

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ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
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SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
Kinematic diagrams - Graphical symbols - Part 1
Schémas cinématiques - Symboles graphiques - Partie 1
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: ISO 3952-1:1981/Amd 1:2002
01.080.30 *UDILþQLVLPEROL]DXSRUDERY Graphical symbols for use on
ULVEDKGLDJUDPLKQDþUWLK mechanical engineering and
]HPOMHYLGLKYVWURMQLãWYXLQ construction drawings,
JUDGEHQLãWYXWHUYXVWUH]QL diagrams, plans, maps and in
WHKQLþQLSURL]YRGQL relevant technical product
GRNXPHQWDFLML documentation
21.020 =QDþLOQRVWLLQQDþUWRYDQMH Characteristics and design of
VWURMHYDSDUDWRYRSUHPH machines, apparatus,
SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003 en

2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
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SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
First edition
Première édition
Пepвoе издани
Kinematic diagrams — Graphical
symbols —
Part 1
Schémas cinématiques — Symboles
graphiques —
Partie 1
Элементы кинематических схем —
Условные графические обозначения —
Чaсть 1
Reference number
Numéro de référence
Номер ссылки
ISO 3952-1:1981/Amd.1:2002(E/F/R)
ISO 2002
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SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
ISO 3952-1:1981/Amd.1:2002(E/F/R)
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SIST ISO 3952-1:1998/Amd1:2003
ISO 3952-1:1981/Amd.1:2002(E/F/R)

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