Semiconductor die products - Part 4: Questionnaire for die users and suppliers

IEC/TR 62258-4:2012 has been developed to facilitate the production, supply and use of semiconductor die products, including: - wafers; - singulated bare die; - die and wafers with attached connection structures; - minimally or partially encapsulated die and wafers. This technical report contains a questionnaire, based on the requirements of other parts of IEC 62258, which may be used in negotiations and contracts between suppliers and purchasers of die devices. It is intended to assist all those involved in the supply chain for die devices to comply with the requirements of the IEC 62258-1:2009 and IEC 62258-2:2011 standards. It should be recognized that the tables contained in this technical report form a checklist of information that can potentially be supplied and that it may not be relevant or possible to complete all fields. Different markets may require different subsets of the information requested herein. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: The document checklist was changed to mirror IEC 62258-1:2009 requirements exactly.

Halbleiter-Chip-Erzeugnisse - Teil 4: Fragebogen für Chip-Anwender und -Lieferanten

Produits de puces de semiconducteurs - Partie 4: Questionnaire destiné aux utilisateurs et fournisseurs de puces

La CEI/TR 62258-4:2012 a été élaborée afin de faciliter la production, la fourniture et l'utilisation de produits de puces de semiconducteurs, y compris: - les tranches; - les puces nues isolées; - les puces et les tranches avec leurs structures de connexion; - les puces et les tranches à encapsulation minimale ou partielle. Le présent rapport technique contient un questionnaire basé sur les exigences d'autres parties de la CEI 62258, qui peuvent être utilisées dans les négociations et les contrats entre fournisseurs et acheteurs de dispositifs à puces. Il est destiné à aider toutes les personnes impliquées dans la chaîne d'approvisionnement à se conformer aux exigences des normes CEI 62258-1:2009 et CEI 62258-2:2011. Il convient de noter que les tableaux contenus dans le présent rapport technique constituent une liste de contrôle d'informations qui peuvent potentiellement être fournies et il peut ne pas être approprié, voire ne pas être possible, de remplir tous les champs. Différents marchés peuvent nécessiter différents sous ensembles d'informations requises ici. Cette édition inclut les modifications techniques majeures suivantes par rapport à l'édition précédente: La liste de contrôle des documents a été modifiée pour refléter exactement les exigences de la CEI 62258-1:2009.

Izdelki s polprevodniškimi čipi - 4. del: Vprašalnik za uporabnike in dobavitelje čipov

Ta del standarda IEC 62258 je namenjen lažji proizvodnji, dobavi in uporabi izdelkov s polprevodniškimi čipi, vključno z: – rezinami; – singularnimo polprevodniškimi integriranimi vezji brez ohišja; – polprevodniškimi integriranimi vezji in rezinami s pritrjenimi povezovalnimi strukturami; – polprevodniškimi integriranimi vezji in rezinami z minimalnimi ali delnimi ohišji. To tehnično poročilo vsebuje vprašalnik, ki temelji na zahtevah iz drugih delov standarda IEC 62258 in se lahko uporablja pri pogajanjih in pogodbah med dobavitelji in kupci naprav s polprevodniškimi čipi. Namenjen je pomoči osebam, vključenim v dobavno verigo naprav s polprevodniškimi čipi, pri izpolnjevanju zahtev standardov IEC 62258-1:2009 in IEC 62258-2:2011. Izpostaviti je treba, da preglednice iz tega tehničnega poročila sestavljajo kontrolni seznam z informacijami, ki se lahko navedejo, pri čemer ni nujno ali ni mogoče, da se izpolnijo vsa polja. Na različnih trgih se lahko zahtevajo različni podsklopi informacij iz seznama.

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013
Semiconductor die products - Part 4: Questionnaire for die users and suppliers
Halbleiter-Chip-Erzeugnisse - Teil 4: Fragebogen für Chip-Anwender und -Lieferanten
Produits de puces de semiconducteurs - Partie 4: Questionnaire destiné aux utilisateurs
et fournisseurs de puces
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: CLC/TR 62258-4:2013
31.080.99 Drugi polprevodniški elementi Other semiconductor devices
31.200 Integrirana vezja, Integrated circuits.
mikroelektronika Microelectronics
SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013 en
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013

CLC/TR 62258-4

January 2013

ICS 31.080.99 Supersedes CLC/TR 62258-4:2007

English version

Semiconductor die products -
Part 4: Questionnaire for die users and suppliers
(IEC/TR 62258-4:2012)

Produits de puces de semiconducteurs -  Halbleiter-Chip-Erzeugnisse -
Partie 4: Questionnaire destiné Teil 4: Fragebogen für Chip-Anwender
aux utilisateurs et fournisseurs de puces und -Lieferanten
(CEI/TR 62258-4:2012) (IEC/TR 62258-4:2012)

This Technical Report was approved by CENELEC on 2012-09-12.

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Ref. No. CLC/TR 62258-4:2013 E

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013
CLC/TR 62258-4:2013 - 2 -
The text of document 47/2073A/DTR, future edition 2 of IEC/TR 62258-4, prepared by IEC/TC 47
"Semiconductor devices" was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and approved by
CENELEC as CLC/TR 62258-4:2013.

This document supersedes CLC/TR 62258-4:2007.

CLC/TR 62258-4:2013 includes the following significant technical changes with respect to
CLC/TR 62258-4:2007:
The document checklist was changed to mirror EN 62258-1:2010 requirements exactly.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of
patent rights. CENELEC [and/or CEN] shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such
patent rights.

Endorsement notice
The text of the International Standard IEC/TR 62258-4:2012 was approved by CENELEC as a
European Standard without any modification.
In the official version, for Bibliography, the following notes have to be added for the standards indicated:

IEC/TR 62258-7 NOTE Harmonised as CLC/TR 62258-7.
IEC/TR 62258-8 NOTE Harmonised as CLC/TR 62258-8.

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013
- 3 - CLC/TR 62258-4:2013
Annex ZA

Normative references to international publications
with their corresponding European publications

The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and are
indispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated
references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.

NOTE  When an international publication has been modified by common modifications, indicated by (mod), the relevant EN/HD

Publication Year Title EN/HD Year

IEC 60050 Series International Electrotechnical Vocabulary - -

IEC 62258-1 2009 Semiconductor die products - EN 62258-1 2010
Part 1: Procurement and use

IEC 62258-2 2011 Semiconductor die products - EN 62258-2 2011
Part 2: Exchange data formats

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 62258-4:2013

IEC/TR 62258-4


Edition 2.0 2012-08





Semiconductor die products –

Part 4: Questionnaire for die users and suppliers

Produits de puces de semiconducteurs –


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