Photovoltaic module - Bypass diode - Thermal runaway test

IEC 62979:2017(E) provides a method for evaluating whether a bypass diode as mounted in the module is susceptible to thermal runaway or if there is sufficient cooling for it to survive the transition from forward bias operation to reverse bias operation without overheating. This test methodology is particularly suited for testing of Schottky barrier diodes, which have the characteristic of increasing leakage current as a function of reverse bias voltage at high temperature, making them more susceptible to thermal runaway.

Photvoltaik (PV)-Module - Bypass-Diode - Prüfung des thermischen Durchgehens

Essai d'emballement thermique portant sur les diodes de dérivation des modules photovoltaïques

l'IEC 62979:2017 donne une méthode permettant de déterminer si la diode de dérivation montée dans le module est susceptible de faire l'objet d'un emballement thermique ou si le refroidissement est suffisant pour lui permettre de résister au passage entre un fonctionnement en polarisation directe et un fonctionnement en polarisation inverse sans surchauffe. Cette méthodologie d'essai est particulièrement adaptée pour les diodes Schottky, qui ont la particularité d'augmenter le courant de fuite en fonction de la tension de polarisation inverse à haute température, ce qui les rend plus propices à l'emballement thermique.

Fotonapetostni modul - Obvodna dioda - Preskus termičnega pobega

Ta dokument določa metodo za ocenjevanje, ali je obvodna dioda, kot je vgrajena v modulu, dovzetna za termični pobeg, ali je na voljo dovolj hlajenja, da brez pregrevanja zdrži prehod iz delovanja z napetostjo v prevodni smeri v delovanje z napetostjo v zaporni smeri.
Ta preskusna metodologija je še zlasti primerna za preskušanje Schottkyjevih diod, za katere je značilno povečanje uhajavega toka kot funkcije napetosti v zaporni smeri pri visoki temperaturi, zato so bolj dovzetne za termični pobeg.
Preskusni vzorci, ki uporabljajo diode P/N kot obvodne diode, so izvzeti iz preskusa termičnega pobega, zahtevanega v tem dokumentu, ker je zmogljivost diod P/N, da vzdržijo napetost v zaporni smeri, dovolj visoka.

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SIST EN 62979:2018
Photovoltaic module - Bypass diode - Thermal runaway test
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October 2017
ICS 27.160

English Version
Photovoltaic module - Bypass diode - Thermal runaway test
(IEC 62979:2017)
Essai d'emballement thermique portant sur les diodes de Photvoltaik-Module - Bypass-Diode - Prüfung des
dérivation des modules photovoltaïques thermischen Durchgehens
(IEC 62979:2017) (IEC 62979:2017)
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 Ref. No. EN 62979:2017 E

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SIST EN 62979:2018
EN 62979:2017
European foreword
The text of document 82/1269/FDIS, future edition 1 of IEC 62979, prepared by IEC/TC 82 “Solar
photovoltaic energy systems" was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and approved by
CENELEC as EN 62979:2017.

The following dates are fixed:
(dop) 2018-06-14
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standard or by endorsement
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Standard without any modification.

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SIST EN 62979:2018
EN 62979:2017

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with their corresponding European publications
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EN/HD applies.

NOTE 2 Up-to-date information on the latest versions of the European Standards listed in this annex is available here:
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IEC/TS 61836 -  Solar photovoltaic energy systems - - -
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SIST EN 62979:2018

IEC 62979


Edition 1.0 2017-08



Photovoltaic modules – Bypass diode – Thermal runaway test




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