Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 6: Nano-object characterization

This document defines terms related to the characterization of nano-objects in the field of nanotechnologies.
It is intended to facilitate communication between organizations and individuals in research, industry and other interested parties and those who interact with them.

Nanotechnologies - Vocabulaire - Partie 6: Caractérisation des nano-objets

Le présent document définit les termes relatifs à la caractérisation des nano-objets dans le domaine des nanotechnologies.
Il est destiné à faciliter la communication entre les organismes, les chercheurs, les industriels, les autres parties intéressées et leurs interlocuteurs.

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Second edition
Nanotechnologies — Vocabulary —
Part 6:
Nano-object characterization
Nanotechnologies — Vocabulaire —
Partie 6: Caractérisation des nano-objets
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ISO/TS 80004-6:2021(E)
ISO 2021

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Foreword .iv
Introduction .v
1 Scope . 1
2 Normative references . 1
3 Terms and definitions (General terms) . 1
4 Terms related to size and shape measurement . 3
4.1 Terms related to measurands for size and shape . 3
4.2 Terms related to scattering techniques . 4
4.3 Terms related to aerosol characterization . 6
4.4 Terms related to separation techniques . 7
4.5 Terms related to microscopy . 9
4.6 Terms related to surface area measurement .12
5 Terms related to chemical analysis .13
6 Terms related to measurement of other properties .18
6.1 Terms related to mass measurement .18
6.2 Terms related to thermal measurement .18
6.3 Terms related to crystallinity measurement .19
6.4 Terms related to charge measurement in suspensions .19
Bibliography .21
Index .23
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