Space engineering - Mechnical - Part 7: Mechnical parts

EN 14607 Part 7 of Space engineering - Mechanical defines the mechanical engineering requirements for mechanical parts.
This document defines the requirements applicable to the selection, design, verification and application of mechanical parts to promote the use of high­quality non­critical mechanical parts that achieve robust functionality and satisfy the mission performance requirements.
This document defines a pragmatic approach to the selection of parts by the mechanical and design engineer on the basis of their effect on the integrity of the equipment and to streamline the selection of space­proven rather than non space­proven parts during the design of a new equipment in order to select the least number of different parts to satisfy the mission requirements.
It defines performance, design, test, product assurance and support activity requirements for the use of mechanical parts in space applications.
When viewed from the perspective of a specific project context, the requirements defined in this document should be tailored to match the genuine requirements of a particular profile and circumstances of a project.
NOTE   Tailoring is a process by which individual requirements of specifications, standards and related documents are evaluated, and made applicable to a specific project by selection, and in some exceptional cases, modification of existing or addition of new requirements.

Raumfahrttechnik - Mechanik - Teil 7: Mechanische Teile

Ingénierie spatiale - Mécanique - Partie 7: Pièces mécaniques

Vesoljska tehnika – Mehanika - 7. del: Mehanski deli

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