Space engineering - Control performance guidelines

This Handbook deals with control systems developed as part of a space project. It is applicable to all the elements of a space system, including the space segment, the ground segment and the launch service segment. It addresses the issue of control performance, in terms of definition, specification, verification and validation methods and processes. The handbook establishes a general framework for handling performance indicators, which applies to all disciplines involving control engineering, and which can be declined as well at different levels ranging from equipment to system level. It also focuses on the specific performance indicators applicable to the case of closed-loop control systems. Rules and guidelines are provided allowing to combine different error sources in order to build up a performance budget and to assess the compliance with a requirement. This version of the handbook does not cover control performance issues in the frame of launch systems.

Raumfahrttechnik - Richtlinien für Leistung von Regelung/Steuerung

Ingénierie spatiale - Lignes directrices des performances du contrôle

Vesoljska tehnika - Smernice za nadzor delovanja

Ta priročnik zajema nadzorne sisteme, razvite kot del vesoljskega projekta. Uporablja se za vse elemente vesoljskega sistema, vključno z vesoljskim delom, zemeljskim delom in lansirnimi storitvami. Obravnava nadzor delovanja v smislu opredelitve, določanja, preverjanja ter potrjevanja metod in postopkov. Priročnik vzpostavlja splošen okvir za obravnavanje kazalnikov uspešnosti, ki se uporablja za vse discipline, povezane s krmilnim inženiringom, in ki ga je mogoče zavrniti na različnih ravneh, od opreme do sistemov. Osredotoča se tudi na posebne kazalnike zmogljivosti, ki se uporabljajo v primeru krmilnih sistemov z zaprto zanko. Pravila in smernice so na voljo za kombiniranje različnih virov napak za namene priprave proračuna uspešnosti in ocenjevanja skladnosti z zahtevo. Ta različica priročnika ne zajema vprašanj nadzora delovanja v okviru sistemov za zagon.

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SIST-TP CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022
Vesoljska tehnika - Smernice za nadzor delovanja
Space engineering - Control performance guidelines
Raumfahrttechnik - Richtlinien für Leistung von Regelung/Steuerung
Ingénierie spatiale - Lignes directrices des performances du contrôle
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022
49.140 Vesoljski sistemi in operacije Space systems and
SIST-TP CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022 en,fr,de
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SIST-TP CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022

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SIST-TP CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022



January 2022
ICS 49.140

English version

Space engineering - Control performance guidelines
Ingénierie spatiale - Lignes directrices des Raumfahrttechnik - Richtlinien für Leistung von
performances du contrôle Regelung/Steuerung

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SIST-TP CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022
CEN/TR 17603-60-10:2022 (E)
Table of contents
European Foreword . 7
Introduction . 8
1 Scope . 10
2 References . 11
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms . 12
3.1 Terms from other documents . 12
3.2 Terms specific to the present handbook . 12
3.3 Abbreviated terms. 16
4 General outline for control performance process . 18
4.1 The general control structure . 18
4.1.1 Description of the general control structure – Extension to system
level . 18
4.1.2 General performance definitions . 19
4.1.3 Example – Earth observation satellite . 20
4.2 Review of generic performance specification elements . 21
4.2.1 General . 21
4.2.2 Preliminary remark on intrinsic and extrinsic performance properties . 21
4.2.3 Examples of high-level performance requirements . 23
4.2.4 Formalising requirements through performance indicators . 25
4.3 Overview on performance specification and verification process . 27
4.3.1 Introduction . 27
4.3.2 Requirements capture & dissemination . 28
4.3.3 Performance verification. 29
4.3.4 Control performance engineering tasks during development phases . 31
5 Extrinsic performance – error indices and analysis methods . 38
5.1 Introduction . 38
5.2 Performance and measurement error indices .

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