Acoustics - Test code for suspended ceilings - Sound absorption

This European Standard specifies additional necessary information on how to carry out efficiently and under standardized conditions the determination of the sound absorption coefficients according to EN ISO 354 “Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room”. It specifies the additional requirements of the sound absorption measurements and the operating and mounting conditions that should be used for the test. Observe that all demands in EN ISO 354 still should be fulfilled. The results obtained are used for design calculations with respect to room acoustics and to convert frequency-dependent sound absorption coefficients into a weighted sound absorption coefficient αw, according to EN ISO 11654.
This European Standard is applicable for the compile of the single number rating αw, to express the sound absorption performance of suspended ceiling membranes in CE marking and labelling according to EN 13964. This European Standard is not applicable for suspended ceiling kits according to EN 13964.

Akustik - Prüfvorschrift für Unterdecken - Schallabsorption

Diese Europäische Norm legt zusätzliche, notwendige Informationen dazu fest, wie Schallabsorptionsgrade nach EN ISO 354, Akustik — Messung der Schallabsorption in Hallräumen effizient und unter genormten Bedingungen ermittelt werden. Sie legt zusätzliche Anforderungen an die Messung der Schall¬absorption sowie an Betriebs- und Befestigungsbedingungen, die während der Prüfung gelten sollten, fest. Es ist zu beachten, dass sämtliche Forderungen von EN ISO 354 erfüllt sein sollten. Die erzielten Ergebnisse werden für Konstruktionsberechnungen hinsichtlich der Raumakustik genutzt und um frequenzabhängige Schall-absorptionsgrade nach EN ISO 11654 in einen bewerteten Schallabsorptionsgrad αw umzurechnen.
Diese Europäische Norm ist bei der Zusammenstellung der Einzahlbewertung αw anwendbar, um nach EN 13964 die schallabsorbierende Leistung von Decklagen bei Unterdecken für CE-Kennzeichnung und Etikettierung anzugeben. Diese Europäische Norm ist nicht auf Unterdeckenbausätze nach EN 13964 anwendbar.

Acoustique - Code d'essai des plafonds suspendus - Absorption acoustique

La présente Norme européenne fournit les informations supplémentaires nécessaires pour déterminer efficacement et dans des conditions normalisées les coefficients d'absorption acoustique selon l'EN ISO 354 « Mesurage de l'absorption acoustique en salle réverbérante ». Elle spécifie les exigences supplémentaires des mesurages d'absorption acoustique et des conditions de fonctionnement et de montage qu'il convient d'utiliser pour l'essai. Il est à noter qu'il convient que toutes les exigences de l'EN ISO 354 soient toujours satisfaites. Les résultats obtenus sont utilisés pour les calculs de conception relatifs à l'acoustique des salles et pour convertir les coefficients d'absorption acoustique dépendants de la fréquence en un coefficient d'absorption acoustique pondéré, αw, selon l'EN ISO 11654.
La présente Norme européenne est applicable à la détermination de la valeur unique, αw, pour exprimer la performance d'absorption acoustique des membranes de plafonds suspendus dans le marquage CE et l'étiquetage conformément à l'EN 13964. La présente Norme européenne n'est pas applicable aux kits de plafonds suspendus selon l'EN 13964.

Akustika - Preskusni postopek za viseče strope - Absorpcija zvoka

Ta evropski standard določa dodatne potrebne informacije, kako učinkovito in pri standardnih pogojih določiti koeficiente absorpcije zvoka po standardu EN ISO 354 »Merjenje absorpcije zvoka v odmevnici«. Določa dodatne zahteve za merjenje absorpcije zvoka ter zahteve za delovanje in priključitev, ki jih je treba uporabiti za preskus. Upoštevati je treba, da morajo biti še vedno izpolnjene vse zahteve iz standarda EN ISO 354. Dobljeni rezultati se uporabljajo za projektne izračune v zvezi z akustiko v prostoru in za pretvarjanje koeficientov absorpcije zvoka, odvisnih od frekvence, v uteženi koeficient absorpcije zvoka w po standardu EN ISO 11654. Ta evropski standard se uporablja za določanje enomestne številske stopnje w za izražanje akustičnih lastnosti membran visečih stropov z oznako CE in oznako po standardu EN 13964. Ta evropski standard se ne uporablja za opremo za viseče strope po standardu EN 13964.

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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.Akustik - Prüfvorschrift für Unterdecken - SchallabsorptionAcoustique - Code d'essai des plafonds suspendus - Absorption phoniqueAcoustics - Test code for suspended ceilings - Sound absorption91.120.20L]RODFLMDAcoustics in building. Sound insulation91.060.30Stropi. Tla. StopniceCeilings. Floors. StairsICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:EN 16487:2014SIST EN 16487:2015en,fr,de01-marec-2015SIST EN 16487:2015SLOVENSKI
EN 16487
November 2014 ICS 91.060.30; 91.120.20 English Version
Acoustics - Test code for suspended ceilings - Sound absorption Acoustique - Code d'essai des plafonds suspendus - Absorption acoustique
Akustik - Prüfvorschrift für Unterdecken - SchallabsorptionThis European Standard was approved by CEN on 27 September 2014.
CEN members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard the status of a national standard without any alteration. Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained on application to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre or to any CEN member.
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The area is expressed in square metres with two decimals. [SOURCE: EN ISO 354:2003, 3.8 modified – by replacing “floor or wall” with “test objects” and by deleting the second note related to test specimen surrounded by a structure] 3.4 suspended ceiling ceiling hung by a suspension from or by a directly fixed substructure or perimeter trim to the load bearing structure (floor, roof, beam and walls) at a distance from the floor or roof above [SOURCE: EN 13964:2014, 3.1.2] SIST EN 16487:2015

Figure 1 — Example for a baffle (other design systems may exist) 4 Test arrangements 4.1 Test specimens 4.1.1 Plane absorbers Size and mounting details for test specimen, test objects and mounting fixture The test specimen shall have an area as close to 10,80 m2 as possible. (EN ISO 354:2003, SIST EN 16487:2015

Key 1 measure for calculation of S 2 tape Figure 2 — Dimension to be used for calculation of specimen area S. Detail A showing application of tape over joint SIST EN 16487:2015

Figure 3 — Mounting fixture of wind mill type Open joints within the mounting fixture shall be sealed to prevent air leakage between the enclosed space and the outside. Any open cavity inside the fixture shall also be sealed, to avoid sound absorption in the enclosed space in accordance to EN ISO 354:2003, B.4. Type of plane absorber mounting Type A mounting according to EN ISO 354:2003, B.2 This mounting is used for products that are attached directly against a hard surface or substructure by adhesives or mechanical fasteners, which do not leave any thin air space between the product and the surface to which it is attached. The perimeter edge of the test specimen shall be sealed or covered with the mounting fixture as described in to prevent the edges from absorbing sound. However if the edges of the test specimen are exposed when the products are normally installed in an actual application, then the edges of the test SIST EN 16487:2015

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