Space engineering - Multipactor handbook

This Handbook describes the guidelines and recommendations for the design and test of RF components and equipment to achieve acceptable performance with respect to multipactor-free operation in service in space. This document is the mirror document of the EN 16603-20-01 (based on ECSS-ST-20-01) normative document. Thus it includes the same contents as the normative text and has the same structure.
This Handbook is intended to result in the effective design and verification of the multipactor performance of the equipment and consequently in a high confidence in achieving successful product operation.
This Handbook covers multipactor events occurring in all classes of RF satellite components and equipment at all frequency bands of interest. Operation in single carrier CW and pulse modulated mode are included, as w ell as multicarrier operations. A detailed chapter on secondary emission yield is also included.
This Handbook does not include breakdow n processes caused by collisional processes, such as plasma formation.

Raumfahrttechnik - Multipactorhandbuch

Ingénierie spatiale - Manuel sur l’effet Multipactor

Vesoljska tehnika - Priročnik o pojavu multipaktor

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SIST-TP CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021
Vesoljska tehnika - Priročnik o pojavu multipaktor
Space engineering - Multipactor handbook
Raumfahrttechnik - Multipactorhandbuch
Ingénierie spatiale - Manuel sur l’effet Multipactor
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021
49.140 Vesoljski sistemi in operacije Space systems and
SIST-TP CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021 en,fr,de
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST-TP CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021

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SIST-TP CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021

CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-


September 2021
ICS 49.140

English version

Space engineering - Multipactor handbook
Ingénierie spatiale - Manuel sur l'effet Multipactor Raumfahrttechnik - Multipactorhandbuch

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SIST-TP CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021
CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-01:2021 (E)
Table of contents
European Foreword . 9
Introduction . 10
Scope . 11
References . 12
Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms . 14
3.1 Terms from other documents .14
3.2 Abbreviated terms. 15
Verification . 16
4.1 Verification process .16
4.2 Multipactor verification plan .16
4.2.1 Generation and updating .16
4.2.2 Description .16
4.3 Power requirements .16
4.3.1 General power requirements .16
4.4 Classification of equipment or component type . 17
4.4.1 General classification of equipment or component type . 17
4.5 Verification routes .20
4.6 Single carrier . 20
4.6.1 General . 20
4.6.2 Verification by analysis .20
4.6.3 Verification by test .20
4.7 Multicarrier .22
4.7.1 General . 22
4.7.2 Verification by analysis .22
4.7.3 Verification by test .22
4.8 Bibliography for clause 4.23
Design analysis .

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