Information exchange for electric vehicle charging roaming service - Part 2: Use cases

The Standard specifies roaming use cases of information exchange between EV Charge Service Providers (CSP), Charging Station Operators (CSOs) and Clearing House platforms through roaming endpoints. The elementary use cases defined in this document of IEC 63119-2 are designed to support the user to have access to the EV supply equipment which doesn’t belong to the Home-CSP. IEC 63119 series are applicable to high-level communication involved in information exchange/interaction between different CSPs, as well as between a CSP and CSO with or without Clearing House platform through the roaming endpoint. IEC 63119 series do not specify the communication either between Charging Station (CS) and Charging Station Operator (CSO) or between EV and CS.

Informationsaustausch für Roaming-Ladedienste für Elektrofahrzeuge - Teil 2: Anwendungsfälle

Échange d'informations pour le service d'itinérance de la recharge des véhicules électriques - Partie 2: Cas d'utilisation

L'IEC 63119-2:2022 spécifie les cas d'utilisation en itinérance de l'échange d'informations entre les prestataires de services de recharge (CSP, Charging Service Providers) de VE, les opérateurs de bornes de charge (CSO, Charging Station Operators) et les plateformes d'échanges de données par le biais d'un nœud final d'itinérance. Les cas d'utilisation élémentaires définis dans le présent document sont conçus pour aider l'utilisateur à accéder au système d'alimentation pour VE qui n'appartient pas au CSP contractuel. L'IEC 63119 (toutes les parties) s'applique aux communications de haut niveau dans le cadre des échanges d'informations/interactions entre les différents CSP, mais aussi entre un CSP et un CSO avec ou sans plateforme d'échange de données par le biais du nœud final d'itinérance. L'IEC 63119 (toutes les parties) ne spécifie pas la communication entre la borne de charge (CS, Charging Station) et l'opérateur de bornes de charge (CSO) ni entre le VE et la CS.

Izmenjava informacij za gostovanje storitev napajanja električnih vozil - 2. del: Primeri uporabe (IEC 63119-2:2022)

Standard določa primere uporabe gostovanja pri izmenjavi informacij med ponudniki storitev polnjenja električnih vozil (CSP), operaterji polnilnih postaj (CSO) in platformami Clearing House prek končnih točk gostovanja. Primeri osnovne uporabe, opredeljeni v tem dokumentu standarda IEC 63119-2, so zasnovani tako, da so uporabniku v pomoč pri dostopu do opreme za napajanje električnih vozil, ki ne spada v Home-CSP.
Skupina standardov IEC 63119 se uporablja za komunikacijo na visoki ravni, ki poteka pri izmenjavi podatkov/interakcijami med različnimi ponudniki storitev napajanja, pa tudi med ponudniki storitev napajanja in operaterji polnilnih postaj s platformami Clearing House prek končnih točk gostovanja ali brez njih.
Skupina standardov IEC 63119 ne določa komunikacije med polnilno postajo (CS) in operaterjem polnilne postaje (CSO) ali med električnim vozilom in polnilno postajo.

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Izmenjava informacij za gostovanje storitev napajanja električnih vozil - 2. del:
Primeri uporabe (IEC 63119-2:2022)
Information exchange for electric vehicle charging roaming service - Part 2: Use cases
(IEC 63119-2:2022)
Informationsaustausch für Roaming-Ladedienste für Elektrofahrzeuge - Teil 2:
Anwendungsfälle (IEC 63119-2:2022)
Échange d'informations pour le service d'itinérance de la recharge des véhicules
électriques - Partie 2: Cas d'utilisation (IEC 63119-2:2022)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN IEC 63119-2:2022
43.120 Električna cestna vozila Electric road vehicles
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.


ICS 43.120
English Version
Information exchange for electric vehicle charging roaming
service - Part 2: Use cases
(IEC 63119-2:2022)
Échange d'informations pour le service d'itinérance de la Informationsaustausch für Roaming-Ladedienste für
recharge des véhicules électriques - Partie 2: Cas Elektrofahrzeuge - Teil 2: Anwendungsfälle
d'utilisation (IEC 63119-2:2022)
(IEC 63119-2:2022)
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European foreword
The text of document 69/847/FDIS, future edition 1 of IEC 63119-2, prepared by IEC/TC 69 "Electrical
power/energy transfer systems for electrically propelled road vehicles and industrial trucks" was
submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and approved by CENELEC as EN IEC 63119-2:2022.
The following dates are fixed:
• latest date by which the document has to be implemented at national (dop) 2023-08-22
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IEC 61850-7-420 NOTE Harmonized as EN IEC 61850-7-420
IEC 62559-2 NOTE Harmonized as EN 62559-2
ISO15118 (series) NOTE Harmonized as EN ISO 15118 (series)
ISO 15118-2:2014 NOTE Harmonized as EN ISO 15118-2:2016 (not modified)
ISO 15118-20 NOTE Harmonized as EN ISO 15118-20
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with their corresponding European publications
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IEC 63119-1 - Information exchange for electric vehicle EN IEC 63119-1 -
charging roaming service - Part 1: General

IEC 63119-2 ®
Edition 1.0 2022-10
Information exchange for electric vehicle charging roaming service –

Part 2: Use cases
Échange d'informations pour le service d'itinérance de la recharge des véhicules

électriques –
Partie 2: Cas d'utilisation
ICS 43.120 ISBN 978-2-8322-5829-3

– 2 – IEC 63119-2:2022 © IEC 2022
1 Scope . 8
2 Normative references . 8
3 Terms and definitions . 8
4 Abbreviated terms . 11
5 General requirements . 11
5.1 General . 11
5.2 System requirements . 11
5.2.1 General . 11
5.2.2 CSO system platform requirement . 12
5.2.3 CSP platform system requirement . 12
5.3 Communication requirements . 12
5.4 Cybersecurity requirements . 13
5.4.1 Data transmission security . 13
5.4.2 Role identification . 13
5.4.3 Information privacy protection . 13
5.4.4 Information sharing principle . 13
5.4.5 Encryption key usage and management . 13
5.4.6 Agreement sharing principle . 13
5.5 Unique identifier . 13
5.5.1 Requirements of the unique identifier. 13
5.5.2 Classification of the global ID . 13
5.5.3 Definition of the global identifier . 14
5.6 Identification method type . 14
5.7 Session and transaction . 15
5.7.1 General . 15
5.7.2 Session . 15
5.7.3 Transaction . 15
5.7.4 Service session flowchart diagram . 16
6 Architecture . 17
6.1 System architecture . 17
6.2 Actors and systems . 18
6.2.1 Definition of actors. 18
6.2.2 Systems actors . 19
6.3 Roaming function domain . 19
6.3.1 General . 19
6.3.2 General information exchange . 19
6.3.3 Tariff and pricing . 19
6.3.4 Energy transfer management . 19
6.3.5 Certification handling . 20
6.3.6 Support functions. 20
6.4 Clearing house function . 20
6.4.1 Transaction hub switch . 20
6.4.2 SDR reconciliation . 21
6.4.3 Settlement . 21
7 Use cases view . 21

IEC 63119-2:2022 © IEC 2022 – 3 –
7.1 Use case hierarchy diagram . 21
7.2 Use case hierarchy layer . 22
7.2.1 Use case groups . 23
7.2.2 Use case list . 24
8 Use cases . 26
8.1 General information exchange . 26
8.1.1 UC1-1 Platform authentication . 26
8.1.2 UC1-2 Sites information exchange . 28
8.1.3 UC1-3 Sharing dynamic status of EV supply equipment . 29
8.2 Tariff and pricing . 30
8.2.1 UC2-1 Inform home-CSP on tariff information . 30
8.2.2 UC2-2 home-CSP request tariffs from visited-CSO . 31
8.3 Energy transfer management . 31
8.3.1 UC3-1 Start charging roaming locally at the EV supply equipment . 31
8.3.2 UC3-2 Start charging roaming remotely from home-CSP. 33
8.3.3 UC3-3 Start charging roaming by PnC . 35
8.3.4 UC3-4 Stop energy transfer session via home-CSP . 37
8.3.5 UC3-5 Complete a charging service transaction in a roaming scenario . 38
8.3.6 UC3-6 Collect dynamic charging information. 38
8.3.7 UC3-7 Charge plan exchange . 39
8.3.8 UC3-8 Reservation of an EV supply equipment . 40
8.3.9 UC3-9 SDR information exchange . 42
8.3.10 UC3-10 Update charge plan by visited-CSO . 43
8.4 Cred

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