Photovoltaic systems - Design qualification of solar trackers

IEC 62817:2014 is a design qualification standard applicable to solar trackers for photovoltaic systems, but may be used for trackers in other solar applications. The standard defines test procedures for both key components and for the complete tracker system. In some cases, test procedures describe methods to measure and/or calculate parameters to be reported in the defined tracker specification sheet. In other cases, the test procedure results in a pass/fail criterion. This standard ensures the user of the said tracker that parameters reported in the specification sheet were measured by consistent and accepted industry procedures. The tests with pass/fail criteria are engineered with the purpose of separating tracker designs that are likely to have early failures from those designs that are sound and suitable for use as specified by the manufacturer.

Photovoltaische Systeme - Bauarteignung für Sonnen-Nachführeinrichtungen

Systèmes photovoltaïques - Qualification de conception des suiveurs solaires

L'IEC 62817:2014 est une norme de qualification de conception applicable aux suiveurs solaires pour systèmes photovoltaïques, mais peut servir aux suiveurs dans d'autres applications solaires. La norme définit les procédures d'essai destinées aussi bien aux composants clés qu'au système suiveur complet. Dans certains cas, les procédures d'essai décrivent des procédés servant à mesurer et/ou calculer des paramètres à rapporter dans la feuille de spécification définie pour le suiveur. Dans d'autres cas, le mode opératoire d'essai se conclut par des critères d'acceptation et de refus. Cette norme donne à l'utilisateur dudit suiveur la garantie que les paramètres rapportés dans la feuille de spécification ont été mesurés par des procédures industrielles cohérentes et acceptées. Les essais basés sur des critères d'acceptation et de rejet ont pour objet de distinguer les conceptions de suiveur susceptibles de présenter des défaillances prématurément de celles présentant la robustesse nécessaire et correspondant à l'usage spécifié par le fabricant.

Sledilniki sonca za fotonapetostne sisteme - Ocena zasnove - Dopolnilo A1

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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
Sledilniki sonca za fotonapetostne sisteme - Ocena zasnove - Dopolnilo A1
Photovoltaic systems - Design qualification of solar trackers
Sonnen-Nachführeinrichtungen für photovoltaische Systeme - Bauarteignung
Systèmes photovoltaïques - Qualification de conception des suiveurs solaires
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 62817:2015/A1:2017
27.160 6RQþQDHQHUJLMD Solar energy engineering
SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018 en

2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
November 2017
ICS 27.160
English Version
Photovoltaic systems - Design qualification of solar trackers
(IEC 62817:2014/A1:2017)

Systèmes photovoltaïques - Qualification de conception des Sonnen-Nachführeinrichtungen für photovoltaische

suiveurs solaires Systeme - Bauarteignung
(IEC 62817:2014/A1:2017) (IEC 62817:2014/A1:2017)

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Ref. No. EN 62817:2015/A1:2017 E
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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
EN 62817:2015/A1:2017 (E)
European foreword

The text of document 82/1018/CDV, future edition 1 of IEC 62817:2014/A1:2017, prepared by

IEC/TC 82 "Solar photovoltaic energy systems" was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and

approved by CENELEC as EN 62817:2015/A1:2017.
The following dates are fixed:
• latest date by which this document has (dop) 2018-06-01
to be implemented at national level by
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standard or by endorsement
• latest date by which the national (dow) 2020-09-01
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The text of the International Standard IEC 62817:2014/A1:2017 was approved by CENELEC as a

European Standard without any modification.
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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
IEC 62817
Edition 1.0 2017-07
Photovoltaic systems – Design qualification of solar trackers
Systèmes photovoltaïques – Qualification de conception des suiveurs solaires
ICS 27.160 ISBN 978-2-8322-4475-3

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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
– 2 – IEC 62817:2014/AMD1:2017
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This amendment has been prepared by IEC technical committee 82: Solar photovoltaic energy

The text of this amendment is based on the following documents:
CDV Report on voting
82/1018/CDV 82/1097/RVC

Full information on the voting for the approval of this amendment can be found in the report

on voting indicated in the above table.

The committee has decided that the contents of this amendment and the base publication will

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• amended.
7.3.3 Calibration of pointing error measurement tool
Add the following to 7.3.3

A procedure for calibration of pointing error measurement tool does not exist in this or any

other IEC document. It is recommended that the pointing error measurement tool be

calibrated at least once per year per the following:
Outdoor tracker pointing error sensor calibration procedure:

Apparatus and measurement requirements: Device for mounting and orienting the pointing

error sensor (typically a solar tracker but other devices suffice), data acquisition system

capable of measuring outputs of the pointing error sensor, recording the timestamp that is

accurate to the true time within 2 s, visual verification of no clouds impinging the view of the

sun during the entire measurement period (including thin cirrus clouds) or verification during

the entire measurement period that the DNI varies no more than 2 % from maximum to

minimum values recorded.

a) Determine the measurement range for which the calibration is desired. The maximum

measurement range is the field of view of the sensor under calibration but a smaller

measurement range can be used as applicable to the calibration.

b) Assume that ±1° is the measurement range for the calibration. Mount the sensor on the

alignment device and adjust the position of the device so that the sensor is pointing

approximately 1° (or other determined measurement range) ahead of the sun’s movement

path in both axes of orientation. If the alignment device is a solar tracker, this means

aligning the sensor with the solar tracker’s mounting plane and then moving the solar

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SIST EN 62817:2015/A1:2018
IEC 62817:2014/AMD1:2017 – 3 –
© IEC 2017
tracker 1° ahead of the sun’s position (in both axes

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