HVDC Grid Systems and connected Converter Stations - Guideline and Parameter Lists for Functional Specifications - Part 2: Parameter Lists

1.1 General These Guidelines and Parameter Lists to Functional Specifications describe specific functional requirements for HVDC Grid Systems. The terminology "HVDC Grid Systems" is used here describing HVDC systems for power transmission having more than two converter stations connected to a common d.c. circuit. While this document focuses on requirements, that are specific for HVDC Grid Systems, some requirements are considered applicable to all HVDC systems in general, i.e. including point-to-point HVDC systems. Existing IEC, Cigré or other documents relevant have been used for reference as far as possible. Corresponding to electric power transmission applications, this document is applicable to high voltage systems, i.e. .only nominal d.c. voltages equal or higher than 50 kV with respect to earth are considered in this document. NOTE While the physical principles of d.c. networks are basically voltage independent, the technical options for designing equipment get much wider with lower d.c. voltage levels, e.g. in case of converters or switchgear. Both parts have the same outline and headlines to aid the reader. 1.2 About the present release The present release of the Guidelines and Parameter Lists for Functional Specifications describes technical guidelines and specifications for HVDC Grid Systems which are characterized by having exactly one single connection between two converter stations, often referred to as radial systems. When developing the requirements for radial systems, care is taken not to build up potential show-stoppers for meshed systems. Meshed HVDC Grid Systems can be included into this specification at a later point in time. The Guidelines and Parameter List to the Functional Specification of HVDC Grid Systems cover technical aspects of - Coordination of HVDC Grid and a.c. Systems - HVDC Grid System Characteristics - HVDC Grid System Control - HVDC Grid System Protection - Models and Validation - Beyond the present scope, the following aspects are proposed for future work: - AC/DC converter stations - HVDC Grid System Equipment - HVDC Grid System Integration Tests

Hochspannungsgleichstrom-Netzsysteme - Leitfaden und Parameter-Listen für funktionale Spezifikationen - Teil 2: Parameter-Listen

Réseaux CCHT et stations de conversion connectées - Lignes directrices et listes de paramètres pour les spécifications fonctionnelles - Partie 2: Listes de paramètres

Sistemi visokonapetostnega enosmernega omrežja in priključene pretvorniške postaje - Smernice in seznam parametrov za funkcijsko specifikacijo - 2. del: Seznam parametrov

Ta seznam parametrov za funkcionalne specifikacije opisuje določene funkcionalne zahteve za sisteme omrežja HVDC. Terminologija »sistemi omrežja HVDC« se tu uporablja za opis sistemov HVDC za prenos električne energije, ki imajo več kot dve pretvorniški postaji priključeni na običajen enosmerni tokokrog.
Čeprav se ta dokument osredotoča na zahteve, ki so značilne za sisteme omrežja HVDC, nekatere zahteve veljajo za vse sisteme HVDC na splošno, vključno s sistemi HVDC od točke do točke. Kot referenca so bili po možnosti uporabljeni obstoječe specifikacije, dokumenti Cigré ali drugi ustrezni dokumenti.
Ustrezno z aplikacijami prenosa električne energije se ta dokument uporablja za visokonapetostne sisteme, torej so v tem dokumentu upoštevane zgolj nazivne enosmerne napetosti, ki so enake ali višje od 50 kV glede na zemljo.
Opomba: Čeprav so po fizikalnih načelih omrežja enosmernega toka načeloma neodvisna od napetosti, so tehnične možnosti oblikovanja opreme večje pri nizkih ravneh napetosti enosmernega toka, npr. pri pretvornikih ali stikalnih napravah.
Ta 2. del bo treba prebrati v povezavi s 1. delom »Smernic«, za katere se vzporedno zažene predlog za nove delovne postavke.

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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50654-2:2018
HVDC Grid Systems and connected Converter Stations - Guideline and Parameter Lists
for Functional Specifications - Part 2: Parameter Lists
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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50654-2:2018

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March 2018
ICS 29.240.01
English Version
HVDC Grid Systems and connected Converter Stations -
Guideline and Parameter Lists for Functional Specifications -
Part 2: Parameter Lists
Réseaux CCHT et stations de conversion connectées - Hochspannungsgleichstrom-Netzsysteme - Leitfaden und
Lignes directrices et listes de paramètres pour les Parameter-Listen für funktionale Spezifikationen - Teil 2:
spécifications fonctionnelles - Partie 2: Listes de Parameter-Listen
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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50654-2:2018
CLC/TS 50654-2:2018 (E)
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European foreword . 5
Introduction . 6
1 Scope . 7
1.1 General . 7
1.2 About the present release . 7
2 Normative references . 7
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations . 8
3.1 Terms and definitions . 8
3.2 Abbreviations . 10
4 Coordination of HVDC Grid System and AC Systems . 11
4.1 Purpose of the HVDC Grid System and Power Network Diagram . 11
4.2 Hybrid AC/DC Power Flow Optimization . 12
4.3 Basic Operation Functions – Converter Normal Operation State . 14
4.3.1 General. 14
4.3.2 AC System Frequency by a Frequency / Power Droop . 15
4.3.3 DC Voltage / DC Power Droop .

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