Printed board assemblies - Part 3: Sectional specification - Requirements for through-hole mount soldered assemblies

IEC 61191-3:2017(E) prescribes requirements for lead and hole solder assemblies. The requirements pertain to those assemblies that totally use through-hole mounting technology (THT), or the THT portions of those assemblies that include other related technologies (i.e.. surface mount, chip mounting, terminal mounting). This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) The requirements have been updated to be compliant wit the acceptance criteria in IPC-A-610F.

Elektronikaufbauten auf Leiterplatten - Teil 3: Rahmenspezifikation - Anforderungen an gelötete Baugruppen in Durchsteckmontage

Ensembles de cartes imprimées - Partie 3: Spécification intermédiaire - Exigences relatives à l'assemblage par brasage de trous traversants

L’IEC 61191-3:2017 décrit les exigences relatives aux ensembles de composants à trous traversants (broches et trous) montés par brasage. Les exigences s’appliquent aux ensembles utilisant totalement une technique de montage par trous traversants (THT) ou aux portions THT d’ensembles incluant d’autres techniques associées (par exemple montage en surface, montage à puce, montage à borne). Cette édition inclut les modifications techniques majeures suivantes par rapport à l'édition précédente: a) mise à jour des exigences pour qu’elles soient conformes aux critères d’acceptation de l’IPC‑A-610F.

Sestavi plošč tiskanih vezij - 3. del: Področna specifikacija - Zahteve za spajkane sestave, nameščene v skoznjih luknjah

Ta del standarda IEC 61191 določa zahteve za sestave za spajkanje s svincem in spajkanje skozi luknje. Zahteve se nanašajo na sestave, ki v celoti uporabljajo tehnologijo za nameščanje elementov skozi luknje (THT), ali dele sestavov, ki poleg tehnologije nameščanja elementov skozi luknje uporabljajo tudi sorodne tehnologije (npr. nameščanje na površino, nameščanje čipov, nameščanje priključkov).

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SIST EN 61191-3:2001
Printed board assemblies - Part 3: Sectional specification - Requirements for through-
hole mount soldered assemblies
Elektronikaufbauten auf Leiterplatten - Teil 3: Rahmenspezifikation - Anforderungen an
gelötete Baugruppen in Durchsteckmontage
Ensembles de cartes imprimées - Partie 3: Spécification intermédiaire - Exigences
relatives à l'assemblage par brasage de trous traversants
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 61191-3:2017
31.180 7LVNDQDYH]MD 7,9 LQWLVNDQH Printed circuits and boards
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

September 2017
ICS 31.240 Supersedes EN 61191-3:1998
English Version
Printed board assemblies - Part 3: Sectional specification -
Requirements for through-hole mount soldered assemblies
(IEC 61191-3:2017)
Ensembles de cartes imprimées - Partie 3: Spécification Elektronikaufbauten auf Leiterplatten - Teil 3:
intermédiaire - Exigences relatives à l'assemblage par Rahmenspezifikation - Anforderungen an gelötete
brasage de trous traversants Baugruppen in Durchsteckmontage
(IEC 61191-3:2017) (IEC 61191-3:2017)
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European foreword
The text of document 91/1375/CDV, future edition 2 of IEC 61191-3, prepared by
IEC/TC 91 "Electronics assembly technology" was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and
approved by CENELEC as EN 61191-3:2017.

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Annex ZA
Normative references to international publications
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IEC 60194 -  Printed board design, manufacture and - -
assembly - Terms and definitions
IEC 61191-1 2013 Printed board assemblies -- Part 1: EN 61191-1 2013
Generic specification - Requirements for
soldered electrical and electronic
assemblies using surface mount and
related assembly technologies
IPC-A-610 -  Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies - -

IEC 61191-3 ®
Edition 2.0 2017-05
Printed board assemblies –
Part 3: Sectional specification – Requirements for through-hole mount soldered

ICS 31.240 ISBN 978-2-8322-4397-8

– 2 – IEC 61191-3:2017 © IEC 2017

1 Scope . 6
2 Normative references . 6
3 Terms and definitions . 6
4 General requirements . 6
5 Through-hole mounting of components . 7
5.1 General . 7
5.2 Placement accuracy . 7
5.3 Through-hole component requirements . 7
5.3.1 Lead preforming . 7
5.3.2 Tempered leads . 7
5.3.3 Lead forming requirements . 7
5.3.4 Stress relief requirements . 8
5.3.5 Lead termination requirements . 8
6 Acceptance requirements . 10
6.1 General . 10
6.2 Control and corrective actions . 10
6.2.1 General . 10
6.2.2 Interfacial connections (vias) . 10
6.3 Through-hole component lead soldering . 11
6.3.1 General . 11
6.3.2 Clinched leads . 12
6.3.3 Exposed basis metal . 13
7 Rework of unsatisfactory solder connections . 13
Annex A (normative) Placement requirements for through-hole mount devices . 14
A.1 General . 14
A.2 Horizontal mounting, free-standing . 14
A.3 Axial lead components . 14
A.4 Radial lead components . 14
A.5 Perpendicular mounting, free-standing . 14
A.5.1 General . 14
A.5.2 Mounting of components . 14
A.5.3 Radial lead components . 15
A.6 Side- and end-mounting . 15
A.7 Supported component mounting . 16
A.7.1 General . 16
A.7.2 Stand-off positioning . 16
A.7.3 Non-resilient footed stand-offs . 17
A.8 Stress relief lead configuration . 17
A.9 Flat pack lead configuration . 17
Bibliography . 19

Figure 1 – Lead bends . 8
Figure 2 – Hole obstruction . 10
Figure 3 – Through-hole component lead soldering . 11

IEC 61191-3:2017 © IEC 2017 – 3 –
Figure 4 – Lead-to-land fillet requirements for clinched leads and wires in non-plated
through-holes . 11
Figure 5 – Lead-to-land fillet requirements for clinched leads and wires in plated
through-holes . 12
Figure A.1 – Mounting of free-standing components . 14
Figure A.2 – Typical configuration of components with dual non-axial leads . 15
Figure A.3 – Mounting of components with dual non-axial leads . 15
Figure A.4 – Side mounting . 15
Figure A.5 – End mounting. 16
Figure A.6 – Mounting with footed stand-offs . 16
Figure A.7 – Non-resilient footed stand-offs . 17
Figure A.8 – Acceptable lead configurations . 17
Figure A.9 – Configuration of ribbon leads for through-hole mounting . 18

Table 1 – Plated through-holes with component leads, minimum acceptable
conditions . 12
Table 2 – Through-hole solder joint defects . 13

– 4 – IEC 61191-3:2017 © IEC 2017
Part 3: Sectional specification – Requirements
for through-hole mount soldered assemblies

1) The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a worldwide organization for standardization comprising
all national electrotechnical committees (IEC National Committees).

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