Technical Guidelines for Radial HVDC Networks

This Technical Report applies to HVDC Systems having more than two converter stations connected to a common DC network, also referred to as HVDC Grid Systems. Serving the near term applications, this report describes radial HVDC network structures as well as pure VSC based solutions. Both grounded and ungrounded DC circuits are considered. Based on typical requirements applied to state of the art HVDC converter stations today this report addresses aspects that are specifically related to the design and operation of converter stations and DC circuits in HVDC Grid Systems. The requirements from the AC systems as known today are included. Secondary effects associated with changing the AC systems, e.g. the replacement of rotating machines by power electronic devices, are not within the scope of the present report. The report summarises applications and concepts of HVDC Grid Systems with the purpose of preparing the ground for standardization of such systems. The interface requirements and functional specifications given in this document are intended to support the specification and purchase of multi vendor multiterminal HVDC Grid Systems.

Technischer Leitfaden für radiale HGÜ-Netze

Directives techniques pour les réseaux HVDC radiaux

Tehnične smernice za enosmerna, radialno napajana VN omrežja

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 50609:2014
Technical Guidelines for Radial HVDC Networks
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SIST-TP CLC/TR 50609:2014

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 50609:2014

CLC/TR 50609

February 2014

ICS 29.240.01

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Technical Guidelines for Radial HVDC Networks

Directives techniques pour les réseaux Technischer Leitfaden für radiale HGÜ-
HVDC radiaux Netze

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SIST-TP CLC/TR 50609:2014
CLC/TR 50609:2014 2
Contents Page
Foreword . 7
0 Introduction . 8
0.1 The European HVDC Grid Study Group . 8
0.2 Technology . 9
0.2.1 Converters . 9
0.2.2 DC Circuit . 9
0.2.3 Technological Focus of the European HVDC Grid Study Group . 10
1 Scope . 12
2 Terminology and abbreviations . 12
2.1 General . 12
2.2 Terminology and abbreviations for HVDC Grid Systems used in this report . 12
2.3 Proposed Terminology by the Study Group . 13
3 Typical Applications of HVDC Grids . 14
3.1 The Development of HVDC Grid Systems. 14
3.2 Planning Criteria for Topologies . 15
3.2.1 General . 15
3.2.2 Power Transfer Requirements . 16
3.2.3 Reliability . 17
3.2.4 Losses . 19
3.2.5 Future Expansions. 21
3.3 Technical Requirements . 21
3.3.1 General .

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