Technical drawings for glassware (ISO 6414:1982)

The rules and conventions established are intended for particular use with drawings for laboratory glassware or glassware in other technical fields. Optical parts are not included. The figures merely illustrate the text and should not be considered design examples. They are simplified and not to ecale.

Technische Zeichnungen für Glasgeräte (ISO 6414:1982)

Diese Internationale Norm legt Regeln und Vereinbarungen für den besonderen Gebrauch von Zeichnungen für technisches Glas fest, z.B. Laborgeräte oder Glas, das in anderen technischen Bereichen verwendet wird. Optische Teile sind jedoch hierin nicht eingeschlossen.

Dessins techniques de verrerie (ISO 6414:1982)

La présente Norme internationale établit des règles et des conventions à l'usage particulier des dessins de la verrerie technique, par exemple la verrerie de laboratoire, ou la verrerie utilisée dans d'autres domaines techniques. Toutefois, les parties optiques ne sont pas incluses.

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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998
Technical drawings for glassware (ISO 6414:1982)
Technische Zeichnungen für Glasgeräte (ISO 6414:1982)
Dessins techniques de verrerie (ISO 6414:1982)
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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998

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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998

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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998

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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998
International Stan
Technical drawings for glassware
Dessins techni’ques de verrerie
First edition - 1982-02-01
UDC 744.4 : 542.2
Ref. No. ISO 6414-1982 (EI
Descriptors : technical drawings, glassware, laboratory glassware, generalities, graphic methods.
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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998
Kxl Id-33 &nternational Organization fm- StaP-idardizatisn) is a worldwide fedeaation of
national standards institutes (ISO member bedies). The werk sf developing Qnter-
national Standards is carried out through EX3 technical csmmittees. Every rnember
body interested in a subject for which a technical comnittee has been set up has the
right 10 be represented on that committee. Mernational organizations, goverrmental
and non-gowernmental, in liaism with tSO, also take part in the work.
Draft BnSrnationaB Standards adcqSxx! by the technicai ca7m-ittees are circu~ated to
fhe rnember bsdies fsr approval before their acceptance as 6nternatisnal Standards by
ehe BS0 eouncit.
b-Gernatiosìa$ Staf-dabd EX3 6414 vvas devebped by Technicab Committee 15
Tec,hnica/ Drandings, and wdfas cr ; 1 -4ated u rr to -G-E mernber bedies in January l%Kl
k has beer-i apprwed by the member bodies of the fsllswir-~g countries :
Australia Germany, F. R. Philigpines
Austria Wungary Poland
India Wornania
Bramil ltaly South Africa, Rep. of
Canada Japan Spain
Korea, Rep. 8f Swi-tzeriand
Denmark AkXiCQ United Kingdma
Netherlands USA
France Norway ussw
No member body expressed disapproval of the dscument.
International Oaganization for Standardization, 1982
Printed in Switzerland

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SIST EN ISO 6414:1998
ISO 6414-1982 (E)
Technical drawings for glassware
3.2 In Order to meet particular requirements for the design
0 lntroduction
and manufacture of glassware, additional rules and conven-
tions are specified in the following clauses
In this International Standard the figures merely illustrate the
text and should not be considered as design examples. For this
reason the figures are simplified and are not to scale.
4 Sections
For uniformity all figures in this International Standard are in
provided that the
4.1 Small sections may be blackened,
first angle projection. lt should be understood that alternative
projection methods could have been used without prejudice to distance between their outlines on the actual drawing is not
larger than 3 mm. If larger, the section shall be hatched. For
the principles established.
thin-walled Parts, see 6.1.
1 Scope and field of application
4.2 Parts of different materials such as glass-metal Seals
which are fused together and shown in section, shall be
This International Standard establishes rules and conventions
hatched differently (sec figure 1).
for particular use with drawings for technical glassware, for
example laboratory glassware or glassware used in other
technical fields.
Optical Parts are not however, included herein
2 References
ISO 128, Technical drawings - General principles of presen-
Figure 1
ta tion.
ISO 129, Technical drawings - Qimensioning. 1)
5 Treated Parts
ISO 383, Laboratory glassware - lnterchangeable conical
ground joints.
5.1 Treated surfaces (for example ground, silver-plated,
etched) shall be indicated in accordance with ISO 128, ISO 129
ISO 641, Laboratory glassware - lnterchangeable spherical
and ISO 1302 (sec figure 2).
ground joints.
ISO 1302, Technical drawings - Method of indicating surface
texture on drawings.
ISO 4793, Laboratory sintered (fritted) filters - Porosity
grading, classifka tion and designa tion .

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