Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances

This amendment specifies requirements for gas shut-off function.

Mehrfachstellgeräte für Gasgeräte

Equipments multifonctionnels pour les appareils à gaz

Večnamenske naprave za nadzor plinskih aparatov

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EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances
Mehrfachstellgeräte für Gasgeräte
Equipments multifonctionnels pour les appareils à gaz
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 126:2012/prA1
23.060.99 Drugi ventili Other valves
27.060.20 Plinski gorilniki Gas fuel burners
SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015 en,fr,de
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015

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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015

EN 126:2012

November 2014
ICS 23.060.40
English Version
Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances
Equipments multifonctionnels pour les appareils à gaz Mehrfachstellgeräte für Gasgeräte
This draft amendment is submitted to CEN members for enquiry. It has been drawn up by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 58.

This draft amendment A1, if approved, will modify the European Standard EN 126:2012. If this draft becomes an amendment, CEN
members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for inclusion of this amendment
into the relevant national standard without any alteration.

This draft amendment was established by CEN in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any other language made
by translation under the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre has
the same status as the official versions.

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Recipients of this draft are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and to
provide supporting documentation.

Warning : This document is not a European Standard. It is distributed for review and comments. It is subject to change without notice and
shall not be referred to as a European Standard.



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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
EN 126:2012/prA1:2014 (E)
Foreword .3
Annex BB (normative) Gas shut-off function .5
BB.1 Introduction .5
BB.2 Classification .6
BB.3 Construction requirements .6
BB.3.1 General .6
BB.3.2 Valve combinations .7
BB.3.3 Two automatic shut-off valves .7
BB.3.4 One automatic shut-off and one shut-off valve with SCE .7
BB.3.5 One automatic shut-off and one shut-off valve without SCE .7
BB.3.6 Two shut-off valves with SCE .7
BB.3.7 One shut-off with SCE and one shut-off valve without SCE .7
BB.3.8 Two shut-off valves without SCE .7
BB.4 Additional safety measures .7
BB.4.1 General .7
BB.4.2 Functional check (internal leakage, for systems with no SCE only) .7
BB.4.3 Electrical integrity of the actuator of the valve .8
BB.4.4 Closing torque or force of the actuator .8
BB.4.5 Sealing force test .8
BB.5 Performance requirements .8
BB.6 Protection against internal faults for the purpose of functional safety .8
BB.7 Long-term performance test .9
BB.8 EMC/Electrical requirements .9
BB.9 Marking, installation, operating instructions and declarations .9
Annex CC (informative) Examples of new solutions . 10
CC.1 Example . 10
CC.1.1 Description . 10
CC.1.2 Rationale . 10
CC.2 Example 2 . 11
CC.2.1 Description . 11
CC.2.2 Rationale . 11
CC.3 Example 3 . 11
CC.3.1 Description . 11
CC.3.2 Comparison between existing solution (EN 126) with a substitution of an automatic shut-off
valve by a motorized valve . 11


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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
EN 126:2012/prA1:2014 (E)
This document (EN 126:2012/prA1:2014) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 58 “Safety and
control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels”, the secretariat of which is held by BSI.
This document is currently submitted to the CEN Enquiry.
This Amendment (see Annex BB) is supposed to replace EN 14459:2007, Annex L “Gas shut-off function”. In
addition to that EN 126:2012, Clause 3 and Clause 6 are modified accordingly.

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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
EN 126:2012/prA1:2014 (E)
Introduce the following three modifications to EN 126:2012:

1) Add the following after 3.106:

stored closing energy
energy available (even after interruption of the power supply) to move the closure member into the closed position
and keep it closed
shut-off valve
valve that opens and closes the gas flow other than automatic shut-off valves

2) Replace the text under 6.103.2 by the following:

Shall be according to Annex BB.

3) Introduction of the following normative Annex BB “Gas shut-off function” and the informative
Annex CC “Examples of new solutions” after the last Annex AA.

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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
EN 126:2012/prA1:2014 (E)
Annex BB

Gas shut-off function
BB.1 Introduction
This Annex defines a method for assessing solutions for the gas shut-off function as well as requirements for
solutions other than those described in this document for use in gas appliances. In this document, the term safety
class A, class B and class C is not related to the sealing force classes. The sealing force shall be indicated in the
backpressure value as defined in EN 161 and as required in the relevant gas appliance standard. Those
requirements shall not be superseded by this annex.
Protection against fire and explosion in a gas appliance, as a result of uncontrolled gas flow, requires a safety
class C system for the gas shut-off function. This is based on a comparison, made between an automatic burner
controller and gas shut-off function, the safety class of each considered equal.
Today’s solutions (see Figure BB.1) according to this document, using two automatic shut-off valves, fulfil the
safety class C requirement even though they are not based on a fault assessment approach as specified in
EN 14459:2007, 6.6. This assumption is based on specific mechanical solutions originating from practice over
many years and as a principle relying on redundancy of two automatic shut-off valves, fulfilling the construction and
performance requirements of this document.

1 burner control (BC)
Figure BB.1 — Standard solution with two valves
The approach of the above mentioned classifications can be used as a reference for assessing new solutions.
A safety class C shut-off function with only one shut-off valve is not acceptable.
New solutions of the gas shut-off function may consist of a combination of shut-off valves, electronic controller,
sensing elements, actuators, lock-out and reset as shown in Figure BB.2.

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SIST EN 126:2012/oprA1:2015
EN 126:2012/prA1:2014 (E)

1 automatic burner control (BC) 5 electronic controller for gas shut-off function
2 on/off 6 sensor
3 lockout 7 actuator
4 reset 8 mains supply
Figure BB.2 — Example of components in a new solution
BB.2 Classification
The gas shut-off function shall be safety class C.
BB.3 Construction requirements
BB.3.1 General
The constructional requirements are given in EN 14459:2007, Clause 6.
The sealing force and the closing time of the shut off valves shall be according to EN 161. The manufacturer shall
declare the type of Stored Energy (SCE), the sealin

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