Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock

This document is applicable to the specification and verification of energy consumption of railway rolling stock. It establishes a criterion for the energy consumption of rolling stock to calculate the total net energy consumed, either at pantograph or from the fuel tank, over a predefined service profile, in order to assure results directly comparable or representative for the real operation of the train. For this purpose this document takes into account the energy consumed and regenerated by the rolling stock. This Technical Specification provides the framework which guides to generate comparable energy performance values for trains and locomotives on a common basis and thereby supports benchmarking and improvement of the energy efficiency of rail vehicles. This document does not cover specification for comparison of energy consumption with other modes of transportation, or even for comparison between diesel and electric traction, dealing only with the energy consumption of the Railway rolling stock itself. Consequently this document is not applicable to the evaluation of the carbon foot print of the railways transportation system.

Spezifikation und Überprüfung des Energieverbrauchs von Schienenfahrzeugen

Spécification et vérification de la consommation d’énergie pour le matériel roulant ferroviaire

Specifikacija in preverjanje porabe energije železniških vozil

Ta tehnična specifikacija se uporablja za specifikacijo in preverjanje porabe energije tirnih vozil. Določa merilo za porabo energije tirnih vozil za izračun celotne neto porabe energije, bodisi pri odjemniku toka ali na rezervoarju za gorivo, prek vnaprej določenega profila, da se zagotovi, da so rezultati neposredno primerljivi ali predstavljajo dejansko delovanje vlaka. Za ta namen se v tem dokumentu upošteva energija, ki jo porabijo in regenerirajo tirna vozila. Ta tehnična specifikacija zagotavlja okvir, ki vsebuje smernice za pripravo primerljivih vrednosti energetske učinkovitosti za vlake in lokomotive na skupni podlagi, in s tem spodbuja primerjanje in izboljšanje energetske učinkovitosti tirnih vozil. Ta tehnična specifikacija ne zajema specifikacij za primerjavo porabe energije z drugimi prevoznimi sredstvi, niti ne zajema primerjave med dizelsko in električno vleko, in obravnava samo porabo energije samih tirnih vozil. Zato se ta dokument ne uporablja za ocenjevanje ogljikovega odtisa železniškega transportnega sistema.

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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50591:2014
Specifikacija in preverjanje porabe energije železniških vozil
Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock
Spécification et vérification de la consommation d’énergie pour le matériel roulant
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: CLC/TS 50591:2013
45.060.01 Železniška vozila na splošno Railway rolling stock in
SIST-TS CLC/TS 50591:2014 en
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50591:2014

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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50591:2014

CLC/TS 50591

November 2013

ICS 45.060.10

English version

Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling

Spécification et vérification de la Spezifikation und Überprüfung des
consommation d’énergie pour le matériel Energieverbrauchs von
roulant ferroviaire Schienenfahrzeugen

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SIST-TS CLC/TS 50591:2014
CLC/TS 50591:2013 - 2 -

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1 Scope . 5
2 Normative references . 5
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations . 5
3.1 Terms and definitions . 5
3.2 Abbreviations . 7
4 General . 7
5 Infrastructure description . 8
5.1 General . 8
5.2 Longitudinal profile . 8
5.3 Speed profile . 9
5.4 Curves. 9
5.5 Tunnels . 9
5.6 Electric traction system . 9
5.7 Diesel fuel oil specifications .10
6 Operational requirements .10
6.1 General .10
6.2 In-service operation mode .

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