Technical drawings - Requirements for microcopying (ISO 6428:1982)

The rules of ISO 128, ISO 3098, ISO 5457 are expanded. The requirements will provide for high quality microforms with which legible enlargement copies can be made, and documents complying with them can also be reproduced by any other reprographic system. It is recommended that all drawing office documents be executed in accordance with this International Standard.

Technische Zeichnungen - Anforderungen für die Mikroverfilmung (ISO 6428:1982)

Die vorliegende internationale Norm legt die Anforderungen fest, die bei der Ausführung von technischen Zeichnungen und anderen von Konstruktionsbüros erstellten Originaldokumenten, welche mikroverfilmt werden sollen, zu beachten sind. Die Einhaltung dieser Anforderungen ergibt Mikrofilme hoher Qualität, von denen gut Rückvergrößerungen hergestellt werden können. Die Anwendung dieser Regeln wirkt sich auch bei anderen Reproduktionsmethoden günstig aus.

Dessins techniques - Conditions requises pour la micrographie (ISO 6428:1982)

Tehnične risbe - Zahteve za kopiranje na mikrofilm (ISO 6428:1982)

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002
Technical drawings - Requirements for microcopying (ISO 6428:1982)
Technische Zeichnungen - Anforderungen für die Mikroverfilmung (ISO 6428:1982)
Dessins techniques - Conditions requises pour la micrographie (ISO 6428:1982)
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37.080 Uporabniške rešitve za Document imaging
predstavitev dokumentov applications
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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002
ISO (the International Organization for Standardization} is a worldwide federation of
national Standards bodies (ISO member bedies). The wsrk of developing International
Standards is carried out through ISO technical committees. Every member body
interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been authorized has the
right to be represented on that csmmittee. International organizations, governmental
and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.
Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated ts
the member bodies for approval before their acceptance as International Standards by
the ISO Council.
International Standard ISO 6428 was developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 10,
Technical drawings, and was circulated to the member bodies in February 1981~
lt has been approved by the member bodies of the following countries :
Austria Hungary Psland
Belgium India Romania
Canada Italy South Africa, Rep. of
China Japan Spain
Czechoslovakia Korea, Rep. of Sweden
Netherlands United Kingdom
New Zealand USSR
Egypt, Arab Rep. of
Finland Norway
The member bsdies af the follo wing countries expressed disapprsval of the document
on technical grounds :
Austral ia
0 International Organkation for Standardkation, 198%
Printed in Switzerland

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SIST EN ISO 6428:2002
ISO 6428-1982 (EI
Requirements for microcopying
Technical drawings -
2 References
0 Introduction
Microcopying procedures allow the information contained in ISO 128, Technical drawings - General principles o f presen ta-
original technical drawings and other drawing Office
documents to be reduced to smaller sizes, thus facilitating
transport, handling and storage. ISO 3098/1, Technical drawings - Lettering - Part 7 : Cur-
rently used characters.
However, it should be noted that the possibility of obtaining
serviceable enlargements from a microform depends above all ISO 3272, Mcroftlming of technical drawings and other
dra wing Office documen ts -
on the good quality of the microform (sec ISO 3272/2) and this
condition tan be realized only if the original document is
Part 7 : Operating procedures. 1)
prepared in accordance with appropriate rules.
Part 2 : Quality criteria and control.
Usually, the original is a drawing or associated document
prepared manually, by a typewriter or other means (Plotter). lt
Part 3 : Unitized 35 mm micro film carriers.
may also be a combination of these methods.
The draughtsman already has at his disposal several lnterna- ISO 5457, Technical drawings - Sizes and layout of drawing
shee ts.
tional Standards (such as ISO 128, ISO 3098, ISO 5457) con-
taining general rules of execution which allow the establish-
ment of documents for good reproduction. Nevertheless, for
microcopying, these rules should be expanded.
3 Requirements of execution
The purpose of this International Standard is to compile in one
document the rules to be observed when executing original
3.1 Drawing sheets
documents allowing for the establishment of microforms
yielding legible enlargement copies.
3.1.1 Blanks or pre-printed sheets for drawings or other
Due to the fact that the instructions of this International Stan-
documents may be transparent, translucid or opaque, but shall
dard are more extensive than those for other methods of preferably be matt on the face used for drafting and/or letter-
reproduction, it follows that documents complying with the re-
ing. Their quality shall be Chosen in view of obtaining the best
quirements for microcopying tan also be reproduced without
possible contrast between background and lines (see 3.2.1).
difficulty by any other reprographic System.
NOTE - Due to its good qualities relating to dimensional stability,
durability, erasability and draftability, polyester drafting film (minimum
thickness 76 vm) is superior to Paper.
1 Scope and field of application
This International Standard specifies the requirements to be
3.1.2 The sizes to be used shall comply with those specified in
observed when executing original technical drawings and other
ISO 5457.
drawing Office documents which are to be microcopied. These
requirements will provide for high quality microforms with
3.1.3 If adhesive overlays are to be used on the original docu-
which legible enlargement copies tan be made.
ment, consideration shall be given to the effects of dust
accumulation and

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