Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications -- Part 2: Secondary lithium batteries

This International Standard specifies performance and safety tests, designations, markings, dimensions and other requirements for secondary lithium batteries. The objective of this standard is to provide the purchasers and users of secondary lithium batteries with a set of criteria with which they can judge the performance and safety of various secondary lithium batteries offered by various manufacturers. This standard defines a minimum required level of performance and safety, and a standardized methodology by which testing is performed and the results of this testing reported to the user. Hence, users will be able to establish the viability of commercially available batteries via the declared specification and thus be able to select the battery best suited for their intended application.

Lithium-Sekundärzellen und -batterien für tragbare Geräte -- Teil 2: Lithium-Sekundärbatterien

Eléments et batteries d'accumulateurs au lithium pour applications portables -- Partie 2: Batteries d'accumulateurs au lithium

La présente Norme internationale spécifie les essais de performance et de sécurité, les désignations, les marquages, les dimensions et autres exigences pour les batteries d'accumu-lateurs au lithium. L'objectif de la présente norme est de fournir aux acheteurs et aux utilisateurs de batteries d'accumulateurs au lithium un ensemble de critères au moyen desquels ils seront en mesure de juger de la performance et de la sécurité de différentes batteries d'accumulateurs au lithium proposées par différents fabricants. Cette norme définit un niveau d'exigence minimale de performance et de sécurité et une méthodologie normalisée par laquelle sont réalisés les essais dont les résultats sont mis à la disposition de l'utilisateur. Les utilisateurs sont alors en mesure d'apprécier par eux-mêmes la viabilité des batteries disponibles dans le commerce via la spécification déclarée et donc de sélectionner la batterie la mieux adaptée à l'application prévue.

Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications - Part 2: Secondary lithium batteries

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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications - Part 2: Secondary lithium batteriesLithium-Sekundärzellen und -batterien für tragbare Geräte -- Teil 2: Lithium-SekundärbatterienEléments et batteries d'accumulateurs au lithium pour applications portables -- Partie 2: Batteries d'accumulateurs au lithiumSecondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications -- Part 2: Secondary lithium batteries29.220.30EDWHULMHAlkaline secondary cells and batteriesICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:EN 61960-2:2001SIST EN 61960-2:2002en01-september-2002SIST EN 61960-2:2002SLOVENSKI

SIST EN 61960-2:2002

EUROPEAN STANDARDEN 61960-2NORME EUROPÉENNEEUROPÄISCHE NORMOctober 2001CENELECEuropean Committee for Electrotechnical StandardizationComité Européen de Normalisation ElectrotechniqueEuropäisches Komitee für Elektrotechnische NormungCentral Secretariat: rue de Stassart 35, B - 1050 Brussels© 2001 CENELEC -All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved worldwide for CENELEC members.Ref. No. EN 61960-2:2001 EICS 29.220.30; 29.220.99English versionSecondary lithium cells and batteriesfor portable applicationsPart 2: Secondary lithium batteries(IEC 61960-2:2001)Eléments et batteries d'accumulateursau lithium pour applications portablesPartie 2: Batteries d'accumulateursau lithium(CEI 61960-2:2001)Lithium-Sekundärzellen und –batterienfür tragbare GeräteTeil 2: Lithium-Sekundärbatterien(IEC 61960-2:2001)This European Standard was approved by CENELEC on 2001-10-01. CENELEC members are bound tocomply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this EuropeanStandard the status of a national standard without any alteration.Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained onapplication to the Central Secretariat or to any CENELEC member.This European Standard exists in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any otherlanguage made by translation under the responsibility of a CENELEC member into its own language andnotified to the Central Secretariat has the same status as the official versions.CENELEC members are the national electrotechnical committees of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands,Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.SIST EN 61960-2:2002

EN 61960-2:2001- 2 -ForewordThe text of document 21A/328/FDIS, future edition 1of IEC 61960-2, prepared by SC 21A, Secondarycells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes, of IEC TC 21, Secondary cellsand batteries, was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and was approved by CENELEC asEN 61960-2 on 2001-10-01.The following dates were fixed:–latest date by which the EN has to be implementedat national level by publication of an identicalnational standard or by endorsement(dop)2002-07-01–latest date by which the national standards conflictingwith the EN have to be withdrawn(dow)2004-10-01Annexes designated "normative" are part of the body of the


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