Standard digital interface for programmable instrumentation - Part 2: Codes, formats, protocols and common commands

This Dual Logo International Standard is the result of an agreement between the IEC and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). The original IEEE Standard was submitted to the IEC for consideration under the agreement, and the resulting IEC/IEEE Dual Logo International Standard has been published in accordance with the ISO/IEC Directives. It specifies a set of codes to be used by devices connected via the IEEE 488.1 bus, defines communication protocols necessary to effect applications implementation independent device-dependent message exchanges and further defines common commands and characteristics useful in instrument system applications

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IEC 60488-2:2004 - Standard digital interface for programmable instrumentation - Part 2: Codes, formats, protocols and common commands
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STANDARD 60488-2
First edition

IEEE 488.2
Standard digital interface for programmable
instrumentation –
Part 2:
Codes, formats, protocols
and common commands
Reference number
IEC 60488-2(E):2004
IEEE Std. 488.2(E):1992
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STANDARD 60488-2
First edition

IEEE 488.2
Standard digital interface for programmable
instrumentation –
Part 2:
Codes, formats, protocols
and common commands
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– 2 – IEC 60488-2:2004(E)
IEEE 488.2-1992(E)
Foreword .6

1. Introduction.10

1.1 Scope.10
1.2 Objectives.11
1.3 Notation.11

2. References.11

3. System Considerations.12

3.1 Definitions.12
3.2 System Message Traffic.13
3.3 Functional Layers .14

4. Device Compliance Criteria .15

4.1 IEEE 488.1 Requirements.16
4.2 Message Exchange Requirements .16
4.3 Syntax Requirements.16
4.4 Status Reporting Requirements .18
4.5 Common Commands.21
4.6 Synchronization Requirements .24
4.7 System Configuration Capability.24
4.8 Controller Capability.25
4.9 Device Documentation Requirements .25

5. Device Interface Function Requirements.26

5.1 Handshake Requirements. 26
5.2 Address Requirements .27
5.3 Talker Requirements.27
5.4 Listener Requirements .27
5.5 Service Request Requirements .28
5.6 Remote/Local Requirements.28
5.7 Parallel Poll Requirements.30
5.8 Device Clear Requirements .31
5.9 Device Trigger Requirements.31
5.10 Controller Function Requirements.31
5.11 Electrical Requirements.31
5.12 Power-On Requirements.32

6. Message Exchange Control Protocol .33

6.1 Functional Elements.33
6.2 Protocol Overview .45
6.3 Message Exchange Control Operation .47
6.4 Protocol Rules .52
6.5 Protocol Exceptions .55

7. Device Listening Formats.57

7.1 Overview .57
7.2 Notation.58
7.3 Terminated Program Messages – Functional Syntax .61

Published by IEC under licence from IEEE. © 1992 IEEE. All rights reserved.

IEEE 488.2-1992(E)
7.4 Separator Functional Elements.65
7.5 .67
7.6 Program Header Functional Elements.67
7.7  Functional Elements.72

8. Device Talking Elements.87

8.1 Overview.87
8.2 Notation.88
8.3 Terminated Response Messages – Functional Syntax .88
8.4 Separator Functional Elements .92
8.5  .93
8.6 .94
8.7  Functional Elements.95

9. Message Data Coding .106

9.1 ASCII 7 bit Codes .107
9.2 Binary 8 Bit Integer Codes .109
9.3 Binary Floating Point Code .110

10. Common Commands and Queries.113

10.1 *AAD, Accept Address Command.116
10.2 *CAL?, Calibration Query.116
10.3 *CLS, Clear Status Command.117
10.4 *DDT, Define Device Trigger Command .118
10.5 *DDT?, Define Device Trigger Query .119
10.6 *DLF, Disable Listener Function Command .120
10.7 *DMC, Define Macro Command .120
10.8 *EMC, Enable Macro Command.123
10.9 *EMC?, Enable Macro Query.124
10.10 *ESE, Standard Event Status Enable Command .125
10.11 *ESE?, Standard Event Status Enable Query .125
10.12 *ESR?, Standard Event Status Register Query.126
10.13 *GMC?, Get Macro Contents Query.

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