Heating boilers - Heating boilers with forced draught burners - Nominal heat output not exceeding 10 MW and maximum operating temperature of 110 °C - Amendment A1

PED and GAD related requirements

Heizkessel - Heizkessel mit Gebläsebrennern - Nennwärmeleistung kleiner oder gleich 10 MW und einer maximalen Betriebstemperatur von 110 °C

Der erste Absatz ist zu ersetzen durch:
Diese Europäische Norm legt die Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren für die Konstruktion, die Sicherheit und den rationellen Energieverbrauch für Standardheiz- und Niedertemperaturkessel (wobei "Heizkessel" im Sinne von "Heizkessel-Körper" verstanden wird) aus Stahl und Gusseisen fest, die mit separat erhältlichen Gebläsebrennern nach den entsprechenden Normen für Brenner (für automatische Brenner mit Gebläse für gasförmige Brennstoffe siehe EN 676 und für Ölzerstäubungsbrenner siehe EN 267) bis zu einer Nennwärme-leistung von 10 MW ausgestattet sind. Sie werden nach den Anweisungen des Kesselherstellers entweder mit Unterdruck (Naturzugkessel) oder mit Überdruck (Überdruckkessel) im Brennraum betrieben.
Der folgende Absatz ist zu ergänzen:
Diese Europäische Norm legt die Anforderungen für Heizkessel mit normalen Betriebstemperaturen zwischen 100 °C und 110 °C fest und weist eine "duale Struktur" auf:
- für Heizkessel, bei denen die Abschalt-Temperatur des Sicherheits-Temperaturbegrenzers 110 °C nicht überschreitet, fordert die Druckgeräte-Richtlinie (PED) "gute Ingenieurpraxis";
- für Heizkessel, bei denen die Abschalt-Temperatur des Sicherheits-Temperaturbegrenzers mehr als 110 °C beträgt, legt diese Europäische Norm die Anforderungen fest, die zur Übereinstimmung mit den grundlegenden Anforderungen der PED erfüllt sein müssen.
ANMERKUNG 1 Die "höchste zulässige Temperatur TS" ist in der PED und deren Leitfäden als die Temperatur definiert, bei der der Sicherheits-Temperaturbegrenzer den Heizkessel abschaltet."
Die "Anmerkung" ist folgendermaßen abzuändern:
"ANMERKUNG 2   Für Definitionen von Standardheizkessel und Niedertemperaturkessel siehe Ratsrichtlinie 92/42/EWG."

Chaudieres de chauffage - Chaudieres avec bruleurs a air soufflé - Puissance utile inférieure ou égale a 10MW et température maximale de service de 110 °C

Kotli za gretje - Kotli z ventilatorskimi gorilniki - Imenska grelna moč do vključno 10 MW in najvišja delovna temperatura 110 °C - Dopolnilo A1

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EN 14394:2005
August 2006
ICS 01.040.91; 91.140.10

English Version
Heating boilers - Heating boilers with forced draught burners -
Nominal heat output not exceeding 10 MW and maximum
operating temperature of 110 C
Chaudières de chauffage - Chaudières avec brûleurs à air
soufflé - Puissance utile inférieure ou égale à 10MW et
température maximale de service de 110 C
This draft amendment is submitted to CEN members for enquiry. It has been drawn up by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 57.
This draft amendment A1, if approved, will modify the European Standard EN 14394:2005. If this draft becomes an amendment, CEN
members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for inclusion of this amendment
into the relevant national standard without any alteration.
This draft amendment was established by CEN in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any other language made
by translation under the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the Management Centre has the same status
as the official versions.
CEN members are the national standards bodies of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
Recipients of this draft are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and to
provide supporting documentation.
Warning : This document is not a European Standard. It is distributed for review and comments. It is subject to change without notice and
shall not be referred to as a European Standard.
Management Centre: rue de Stassart, 36  B-1050 Brussels
© 2006 CEN All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved Ref. No. EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006: E
worldwide for CEN national Members.

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EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006 (E)
Contents Page
Introduction .4
1 Modification to Clause 1 „Scope”.5
2 Modification to Clause 2 „Normative references”.6
3 Modification to Clause 3 „Terms and definitions” .6
4 Addition of a new subclause 4.2 „Burner matching”.7
4.2 Burner matching .7
4.2.1 Matching with forced draught oil burner according to EN 267.7
4.2.2 Matching with automatic forced draught burner for gaseous fuels according to EN 676.7
5 Modification to 6.1.1 .7
6 Modification to .7
7 Modification to, Table 7.7
8 Modification to 6.3.7 „Connection for control and indicating equipment”.7
9 Modification to 7.2.1 „Assessment test”.7
10 Modification to 7.2.2 „Test during production”.8
11 Modification in 7.3.1 „Assessment test (experimental design method)”.8
12 Modification to 9.2 „Technical information and installation instructions”.8
13 Modification to A.3.2; b) .9
14 Modification to A.
15 Modification to A.
16 Modification to A.
17 Modification to A.
18 Modification to B.5.1.1„Unpierced spherical shells” .9
19 Modification to B.
20 Modification to B.5.3.4 „Wrinkling of knuckle”.10
21 Modification to B.5.3.5 „Hemispherical heads and dished heads subject to external
pressure” .10
22 Modification to B.6.2, Table 4 .10
23 Modification to D.
24 Modification to D.
25 Modification to D.
26 Modification to E.
27 Modification to E.
28 Modification to E.
29 Modification to E.
30 The Annex ZB shall be included. .12

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EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006 (E)
Annex ZB (informative) Relationship between this European Standard and the Essential
Requirements of EU Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure equipment (PED).13
31 Modification of Annex "Bibliography" .15


---------------------- Page: 4 ----------------------

EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006 (E)
The prA1 of EN 14394 considers the requirements from the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
Furthermore for the clauses 2; 3.8;; 7.2.1; A.3.2, b); A.5.2.2; A.5.4.2; A.5.4.4; A.5.4.6; B.5.1.1;
B.; B.5.3.4; B.5.3.5; B.6.2; D.5.2.3; D.5.2.4; E.5.2.1; E.5.2.2; E. and E.5.5.1 this amendment
corrects mistakes in the published version of EN 14394.

---------------------- Page: 5 ----------------------

EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006 (E)
This document (EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 57 “Central
heating boilers”, the secretariat of which is held by DIN.
This document is currently submitted to the CEN Enquiry.
This document has been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Commission and the
European Free Trade Association, and supports essential requirements of EU Directive(s).
For relationship with EU Directive(s), see informative Annex ZB, which is an integral part of this document.
The requirements and test methods related to the Essential Requirements of the Council Directive
90/396/EEC relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels (Gas Appliance Directive – GAD) for assemblies
made up of a boiler body complying with EN 303-1 and a forced draught gas burner complying with EN 676
with a nominal heat output not exceeding 1.000 kW are covered in the Harmonized European Standard
EN 303-3:1998 and its Amendment A2:2004. For assemblies with a heat output between 1.000 kW and
10 MW however no Harmonized European Standard does exist at the moment. The relevant clauses of
EN 303-3:1998 can be taken as a basis to prove conformity with the essential requirements of the GAD.
1 Modification to Clause 1 „Scope”
The first paragraph shall be replace by:
This European standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the construction, the safety and the
rational energy usage for standard boilers and low temperature boilers (with „boiler" in the sense of „boiler body")
from steel and cast iron to be equipped with separately marketed forced draught burners according to the
relevant burner standards (for automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels see EN 676 and for atomising
oil burners see EN 267) up to a nominal heat output of 10 MW. They are operated, either with negative pressure
(natural draught boiler) or with positive pressure (pressurised boiler) in the combustion chamber, in accordance
with the boiler manufacturer's instructions
The following paragraph shall be added:
This European standard specifies requirements for boilers with normal operating temperatures between 100 °C
and 110 °C and has a "dual structure":
• For boilers where the shut off temperature of the safety temperature limiter does not exceed 110 °C
the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) requires" Sound Engineering Practice",
• For boilers where the shut off temperature of the safety temperature limiter exceeds 110 °C this
European standard specifies the requirements needed to meet the Essential Requirements of the PED.
NOTE 1 The "maximum allowable temperature TS" is defined in the PED and its Guidelines as the temperature at
which the safety temperature limiter shuts off the boiler.
The „Note" shall be changed as followed:
NOTE 2 Definitions for standard boiler and low temperature boiler see Council Directive 92/42/EEC.

---------------------- Page: 6 ----------------------

EN 14394:2005/prA1:2006 (E)
2 Modification to Clause 2 „Normative references”
The following standards shall be added:
EN 12953-1, Shell boilers — Part 1: General
EN 12953-2, Shell boilers — Part 2: Materials for pressure parts of boilers and accessories
EN 12953-3, Shell boilers — Part 3: Design and calculation for pressure parts
EN 12953-4, Shell boilers — Part 4: Workmanship and construction of pressure parts of the boiler
EN 12953-5, Shell boilers — Part 5: Inspection during construction, documentation and marking of pressure
parts of the boiler
EN 12953-6, Shell boilers — Part 6: Requirements for equipment for the boiler
EN 12953-7, Shell boilers — Part 7: Requirements for firing systems for liquid and gaseous fuels for the boiler
EN 12953-9, Shell boilers — Part 9: Requirements for limiting devices and safety circuits of the boiler and
EN 12953-10, Shell boilers — Part 10: Requirements for boiler feed water and boiler water quality
EN 12953-11, Shell boilers — Part 11: Acceptance tests
EN 12953-12, Shell boilers — Part 12: Requirements for grate firing systems for solid fuels for the boiler
EN 12953-13, Shell boilers — Part 13: Operating instructions
3 Mod

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