Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-100: Particular requirements for hand-held mains-operated garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums

Deals with the safety of hand held mains operated electrical garden vacuums, blower/vacuums (with or without shredding means) and garden blowers, with a rated voltage of not more than 250 V single phase.

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IEC 60335-2-100:2002 - Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-100: Particular requirements for hand-held mains-operated garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums
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First edition
Household and similar electrical appliances –
Safety –
Part 2-100:
Particular requirements for hand-held mains-
operated garden blowers, vacuums and blower
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First edition
Household and similar electrical appliances –
Safety –
Part 2-100:
Particular requirements for hand-held mains
operated garden blower, vacuums and blower
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– 2 – 60335-2-100  IEC:2002(E)
1 Scope . 6
2 Normative references. 6
3 Definitions. 6
4 General requirement . 7
5 General conditions for the tests. 7
6 Classification . 8
7 Marking and instructions . 8
8 Protection against access to live parts.10
9 Starting of motor-operated appliances .11
10 Power input and current .11
11 Heating .11
12 Void .11
13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature .11
14 Transient 0vervoltages .11
15 Moisture resistance.11
16 Leakage current and electric strength.11
17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits .11
18 Endurance .11
19 Abnormal operation.11
20 Stability and mechanical hazards.12
21 Mechanical strength .12
22 Construction .13
23 Internal wiring .13
24 Components .13
25 Supply connection and external flexible cords.13
26 Terminals for external conductors .14
27 Provision for earthing .14
28 Screws and connections.14
29 Clearances, creepage distances, and solid insulation .14
30 Resistance to heat and fire.14
31 Resistance to rusting.14
32 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards.14
Bibliography .15

60335-2-100 © IEC:2002(E) – 3 –
Part 2-100: Particular requirements for hand-held mains-operated
garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums
1) The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is a worldwide organization for standardization comprising
all national electrotechnical committees (IEC National Committees). The object of the IEC is to promote
international co-operation on all questions concerning standardization in the electrical and electronic fields. To
this end and in addition to other activities, the IEC publishes International Standards. Their preparation is
entrusted to technical committees; any IEC National Committee interested in the subject dealt with may
participate in this preparatory work. International, governmental and non-governmental organizations liaising
with the IEC also participate in this preparation. The IEC collaborates closely with the International Organization
for Standardization (ISO) in accordance with conditions determined by agreement between the two
2) The formal decisions or agreements of the IEC on technical matters express, as nearly as possible, an
international consensus of opinion on the relevant subjects since each technical committee has representation
from all interested National Committees.
3) The documents produced have the form of recommendations for international use and are published in the form
of standards, technical specifications, technical reports or guides and they are accepted by the National
Committees in that sense.
4) In order to promote international unification, IEC National Committees undertake to apply IEC International
Standards transparently to the maximum extent possible in their national and regional standards. Any
divergence between the IEC Standard and the corresponding national or regional standard shall be clearly
indicated in the latter.
5) The IEC provides no marking procedure to indicate its approval and cannot be rendered responsible for any
equipment declared to be in conformity with one of its standards.
6) Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this International Standard may be the subject
of patent rights. The IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.
This part of International Standard IEC 60335 has been prepared by subcommittee 61F: Safety
of hand-held motor-operated electric tools, of IEC technical committee 61: Safety of household
and similar electrical appliances.
It forms the first edition of IEC 60335-2-100.
The text of this part of IEC 60335 is based on the following documents:
FDIS Report on voting
61F/481/FDIS 61F/497/RVD
Full information on the voting for the approval of this standard can be found in the report on
voting indicated in the above table.
This part 2 is to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of IEC 60335-1 and its
amendments. It was established on the basis of the fourth edition (2001) of that standard.
NOTE 1 When “Part 1” is mentioned in this standard, it refers to IEC 60335-1.
This part 2 supplements or modifies the corresponding clauses in IEC 60335-1, so as to
convert that publication into the IEC standard: Safety requirements for hand-held mains-
operated garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums.

– 4 – 60335-2-100  IEC:2002(E)
When a particular subclause of Part 1 is not mentioned in this part 2, that subclause applies as
far as is reasonable. When this standard states "addition", "modification" or "replacement", the
relevant text of Part 1 is to be adapted accordingly.
NOTE 2 The following numbering system is used:
– subclauses, tables and figures that are numbered starting from 101 are additional to those in Part 1;
– unless notes are in a new subclause or involve notes in Part 1, they are numbered starting from 101, including
those in a replaced clause or subclause;
– additional annexes are lettered AA, BB, etc.
NOTE 3 The following print types are used:
– requirements: in roman type;
– test specifications: in italic type;
– notes: in small roman type.
Words in bold in the text are defined in Clause 3. When a definition concerns an adjective, the adjective and
associated noun are also in bold.
The committee has decided that the contents of this publication will remain unchanged until
2007. At this date, the publication will be
• reconfirmed;
• withdrawn;
• replaced by a revised edition, or
• amended.
A bilingual version of this publication may be issued at a later date.

60335-2-100 © IEC:2002(E) – 5 –
It has been assumed in the drafting of this International Standard that the execution of its
provisions is entrusted to appropriately qualified and experienced persons.
This standard recognizes the internationally accepted level of protection against hazards such
as electrical, mechanical, thermal, fire and radiation of appliances when operated as in normal
use taking into account the manufacturer's instructions. It also covers abnormal situations that
can be expected in practice.
This standard takes into account the requirements of IEC 60364 as far as possible so that
there is compatibility with the wiring rules when the appliance is connected to the supply mains.
However, national wiring rules may differ.
If an appliance within the scope of this standard also incorporates functions that are covered by
another part 2 of IEC 60335, the relevant part 2 is applied to each function separately, as far as
is reasonable. If applicable, the influence of one function on the other is taken into account.
This standard is a product family standard dealing with the safety of appliances and takes
precedence over horizontal and generic standards covering the same subject.
An appliance that complies with the text of this standard will not necessarily be considered to
comply with the safety principles of the standard if, when examined and tested, it is found to
have other features that impair the level of safety covered by these requirements.
An appliance employing materials or having forms of construction differing from those detailed
in the requirements of this standard may be examined and tested according to the intent of the
requirements and, if found to be substantially equivalent, may be considered to comply with the
– 6 – 60335-2-100  IEC:2002(E)
Part 2-100: Particular requirements for hand-held mains-operated
garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums
1 Scope
This clause of Part 1 is replaced by the following.
This International Standard deals with the safety of hand-held mains-operated electrical
garden vacuums and garden blower/vacuums with or without shredding means and garden
blowers for use at and around the home or for similar purposes, their rated voltage being not
more than 250 V single phase.

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