Natural gas vehicles - Vehicle fuelling appliances

This document provides specifications for the design, manufacturing, assembling, installation, inspection and operation of natural gas vehicle (NGV) refuelling appliances. This includes vehicle refuelling appliances (VRA) and home refuelling appliances (HRA). This document applies to NGV refuelling appliances intended as a natural gas compressor package containing limited storage.

Erdgasbetriebene Fahrzeuge - Fahrzeugbetankungsgeräte

Dieses Dokument behandelt Konstruktion und Herstellung, Installation und Prüfung, Betrieb und Instandhaltung von Fahrzeugbetankungsgeräten (VFA) zur privaten Betankung von Fahrzeugen mit verdichtetem Erdgas (CNG).
Dieses Dokument gilt für VFAs mit den folgenden technischen Einschränkungen:
-   höchste Verdichtungsleistung: 20 Nm3/h (NTP);
-   größtes internes Speichervolumen zur Außeninstallation: 400 l;
-   höchster Gasausgangsdruck: 200 bar bei 15 °C;
Dieses Dokument gilt für VFAs, die mit Erdgas, wie in anwendbaren einschlägigen Vorschriften zur Gaszusammensetzung oder EN 16723 2 definiert, oder mit anderen Gasen, die diese Anforderungen erfüllen, versorgt werden, einschließlich Biomethan, aufbereitetes Kohlenflözmethan (CBM) sowie (vor Ort oder an einem anderen Ort) aus einem Flüssigerdgasverdampfer (LNG) gewonnenes Gas.
Dieses Dokument gilt für VFAs ohne Gasausgangsmesssysteme.

Véhicules fonctionnant au gaz naturel - Applications de remplissage de véhicules

Le présent document concerne la conception et la fabrication, l'installation et les essais, l'exploitation et la maintenance des applications de remplissage de véhicules (VFA) pour le remplissage domestique de véhicules en gaz naturel comprimé (GNC).
Le présent document s’applique aux VFA présentant les limites techniques suivantes :
-   capacité de compression maximale : 20 Nm3/h (NTP) ;
-   volume de stockage interne maximal pour installation à l’extérieur : 400 l ;
-   pression maximale de sortie de gaz : 200 bar à 15 °C.
Le présent document s'applique aux VFA alimentées par gaz naturel, tel que défini par les règlements locaux applicables relatifs à la composition des gaz ou par l'EN 16723-2, ou par d’autres gaz satisfaisant à ces exigences, tels que le biométhane, le méthane de houille (MH) valorisé et le gaz provenant de gaz naturel liquéfié (GNL) vaporisé (sur ou hors site).
Le présent document s'applique aux VFA qui n’intègrent pas de systèmes de comptage de gaz.

Vozila na zemeljski plin - Polnilne naprave za vozila na zemeljski plin

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Vozila na zemeljski plin - Polnilne naprave za vozila na zemeljski plin
Natural gas vehicles - Vehicle fuelling appliances
Erdgasbetriebene Fahrzeuge - Fahrzeugbetankungsgeräte
Véhicules fonctionnant au gaz naturel - Applications de remplissage de véhicules
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75.160.30 Plinska goriva Gaseous fuels
75.200 2SUHPD]DVNODGLãþHQMH Petroleum products and
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August 2018
ICS 75.160.30; 75.200
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Natural gas vehicles - Vehicle fuelling appliances
 Fuellanlagen fuer Erdgasfahrzeuge
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prEN 17278:2018 (E)
Contents Page
European foreword . 4
1 Scope . 5
2 Normative references . 5
3 Terms and definitions . 5
4 Abbreviations . 8
5 General principles of design . 8
5.1 General construction . 8
5.2 Materials . 9
5.3 Pipework . 10
5.4 Permanent joining . 10
5.5 Connection to the distribution gas network . 10
5.6 Gas composition . 10
5.6.1 General. 10
5.6.2 Gas composition during maintenance . 10
5.7 Noise attenuation . 10
5.8 Dryer . 10
5.9 Temperature compensation . 10
5.10 Safety devices . 10
5.10.1 General. 10
5.10.2 Minimum inlet pressure safety device . 11
5.10.3 Auxiliary safety devices . 11
5.10.4 Delivered gas pressure and temperature . 11
5.10.5 Hose rupture detection system . 11
5.10.6 Protection of the inlet supply pipeline . 11
5.11 Delivery system . 11
5.11.1 Fuelling hose . 11
5.11.2 Breakaway device . 12
5.11.3 Filling nozzle . 12
5.11.4 Fuelling pressure discharge system . 12
5.12 Earthing protection . 12
5.13 Ventilation . 12
6 Testing . 13
6.1 General. 13
6.2 Periodic inspection . 13
7 Installation . 13
7.1 General. 13
7.2 VFA location . 13
7.2.1 General. 13
7.2.2 VFA location indoors . 14
7.2.3 VFA location outdoors . 15
7.3 VFA installation indoors . 16
7.3.1 Installation conditions . 16
7.3.2 Ventilation conditions . 16
7.3.3 Compatibility with other gas appliances . 16

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prEN 17278:2018 (E)
7.4 VFA installation outdoors . 16
7.4.1 Installation conditions . 16
7.4.2 Ventilation conditions . 16
8 Operation . 16
8.1 General . 16
8.2 User of VFA . 17
8.3 Periodic inspection of storage cylinders . 17
8.4 Periodic inspection of fuelling hose . 17
9 Marking and labelling . 17
Bibliography . 18


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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
European foreword
This document (prEN 17278:2018) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 326 “Natural Gas
Vehicles - Fuelling and Operation”, the secretariat of which is held by NEN.
This document is currently submitted to the CEN Enquiry.

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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
1 Scope
This document covers the design and manufacturing, installation and testing, operation and maintenance
of vehicle fuelling appliances (VFA) for domestic fuelling of vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG).
This document is applicable to VFAs having the following technical limits:
— maximum compressing capacity: 20 Nm /h (NTP);
— maximum internal storage volume for outdoor installation: 400 l;
— maximum gas outlet pressure: 200 bar at 15 °C;
This document is applicable to VFAs supplied with natural gas as defined in local applicable gas
composition regulations or EN 16723-2, or with other gases meeting these requirements including
biomethane, upgraded coal-bed methane (CBM) and gas from liquefied natural gas (LNG) vaporizer (on-
site or off-site).
This document applies to VFAs not incorporating gas outlet metering systems.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content
constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For
undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN 16723-2:2017, Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the
natural gas network – Part 2: Automotive fuels specification
EN 60204-1, Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: General requirements
EN ISO 16923:2018, Natural gas fuelling stations - CNG stations for fuelling vehicles (ISO 16923:2016)
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
— IEC Electropedia: available at
— ISO Online browsing platform: available at
automatic restart
system designed to initiate a fuelling sequence without a physical action by a person at the appliance
gas comprising principally methane, obtained from either upgrading of biogas or methanation of bio-
[SOURCE: EN 16723-2:2017, 3.3]

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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
fuelling pressure discharge system
VFA built-in system designed to reduce the pressure of CNG in the fuelling nozzle to allow safe
disconnection from the NGV
Note 1 to entry: A fuelling pressure discharge system is mandatory in VFAs.
boosting system
VFA built-in system intended for forced emptying of a VFA storage system
Note 1 to entry: A boosting system is optional in VFAs.
burst pressure
pressure which causes failure and consequential fluid loss through the component envelope
[SOURCE: EN ISO 19623:2018, 3.8]
breakaway device
coupling which separates at a predetermined section when required and each separated section contains
a self-closing shut-off valve which seals automatically
[SOURCE: EN ISO 16923:2018, 3.5]
competent person
person having the ability, appropriate training, knowledge and experience, to supervise or carry out the
work being undertaken in a safe and proper manner
[SOURCE: EN ISO 19623:2018, 3.11]
compressed natural gas
natural gas that has been compressed and stored for use as vehicle fuel
[SOURCE: EN ISO 16923:2018, 3.12]
component of a VFA, which increases the pressure of gas from a lower to a higher level
pressure vessel designed to store CNG in accordance with EN ISO 16923
intended for private use in residential and small commercial premises

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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
equipment which decreases the water vapour content (moisture) of natural gas
[SOURCE: EN ISO 19623:2018, 3.18]
fuel delivery system
VFA built-in system intended for CNG delivery from the VFA to the vehicle, including a fuelling hose, a
fuelling nozzle and a break-away device
Note 1 to entry: A fuel delivery system is mandatory in VFAs.
pipeline of flexible material with end fittings attached
[SOURCE: EN ISO 16923:2018, 3.31]
isolated vented hose
hose being placed in a flexible casing, which is hermetically connected to the vehicle receptacle by its one
side and its other side left open to outdoors (atmosphere)
Note 1 to entry: Isolating the hose in this way prevents penetration of possible gas leakages indoors, allowing the
possible gas leakages to escape by free flow and dissipate in the open air (atmosphere).
locking system
integral system of the VFA designed to block the activation of VFA functions for unauthorized access
Note 1 to entry: A locking system is mandatory for VFAs installed outdoors.
maximum allowable pressure
maximum pressure to which a component or system is designed to be subjected during normal operation
natural gas
complex gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons, primary methane, but generally includes ethane, propane and
higher hydrocarbons, and some non-combustible gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide
Note 1 to entry: Natural gas can also contain components or containments such as sulfur compounds and/or other
chemical species.
[SOURCE: EN 16723-2:2017, 3.12]
storage system
VFA built-in system intended to store CNG

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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
temperature compensation system
system or device intended to limit the maximum settled pressure to safe limits depending on the ambient
temperature according to EN ISO 16923
person who is intended to use the VFA and has received information of use for safe operation of the VFA
from the VFA installer
vehicle fuelling appliance
device being manufactured, tested and certified as a single appliance, intended for own use by a private
NGV owner, allowing private NGV fuelling with CNG by dispensing the natural gas directly into the fuel
tank of the NGV
4 Abbreviations
CNG compressed natural gas
NGV natural gas vehicle
VFA vehicle fuelling appliance
5 General principles of design
5.1 General construction
The general design of VFAs is shown in Figure 1.

a VFA system (connected to an NGV)
Figure 1 — General design of VFA
In the case of combinations of interconnected VFAs or VFAs connection to an internal storage system
and/or to a dispenser, EN ISO 16923 shall be applied.
The VFA shall be equipped with a:
a) fuel delivery system;
b) fuelling pressure discharge system;

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oSIST prEN 17278:2018
prEN 17278:2018 (E)
c) locking system, if intended for outdoor installation, in which the locking system shall not block the

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