Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 8: Smoke extraction ducts

This part of this European Standard specifies the test methods for fire resisting smoke extraction ducts and is currently restricted to smoke extraction ducts that pass through into other fire compartments. It represents fire exposure of a fully developed fire. This test has been designed to cover both vertical and horizontal smoke extraction ducts. This method of test is only suitable for ducts constructed from non-combustible materials. This method of test is only applicable to fire resisting ducts that have been tested to prEN 1366-1 (ducts A and B).

Feuerwiderstandsversuche an Installationen in Gebäuden - Teil 8: Entrauchungs- leitungen

Der vorliegende Teil dieser Europäischen Norm legt Prüfverfahren für feuer- widerstandsfähige Entrauchungsleitungen fest und ist bis jetzt auf Entrau- chungsleitungen beschränkt, die in weitere Brandbereiche führen. Er stellt dieBrandeinwirkung für einen Vollbrand dar. Diese Prüfung ist sowohl für sen- krechte als auch waagerechte Entrauchungsleitungen vorgesehen. Das Prüfverfah- ren ist nur für Leitungen aus nichtbrennbaren Baustoffen geeignet.

Essai de résistance au feu des installations de service dans les bâtiments - Partie 8: Conduits d'extraction de fumées

La présente partie de la norme européenne définit une méthode d'essai à laquelledoivent être soumis les conduits d'extraction de fumée résistants au feu et n'est applicable, en l'état actuel, qu'aux conduits d'extraction de fumée qui traversent les compartiments de feu. Elle décrit les conditions d'exposition à une combustion vive. Les essais sont conçus pour les conduits d'extraction de fumée verticaux et horizontaux. Ils concernent uniquement les conduits fabriqués avec des matériaux non-combustibles.

Preskusi požarne odpornosti servisnih inštalacij - 8. del: Kanali za odvod dima

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oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019
Preskusi požarne odpornosti servisnih inštalacij - 8. del: Kanali za odvod dima
Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 8: Smoke extraction ducts
Feuerwiderstandsprüfungen für Installationen - Teil 8: Entrauchungsleitungen
Essais de résistance au feu des installations de service - Partie 8 : Conduits d’extraction
de fumées
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: prEN 1366-8
13.220.50 Požarna odpornost Fire-resistance of building
gradbenih materialov in materials and elements
91.060.40 Dimniki, jaški, kanali Chimneys, shafts, ducts
oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019 en,fr,de
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019

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oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019

prEN 1366-8


March 2019
ICS 13.220.20; 13.220.50 Will supersede EN 1366-8:2004
English Version

Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 8:
Smoke extraction ducts
Essais de résistance au feu des installations de service - Feuerwiderstandsprüfungen für Installationen - Teil 8:
Partie 8 : Conduits d'extraction de fumées Entrauchungsleitungen
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oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019
prEN 1366-8:2019 (E)
Contents Page
European foreword 4
Introduction 5
1 Scope 6
2 Normative references 6
3 Terms and Definitions 7
4 Caution 8
5 Test equipment 8
5.1 General 8
5.2 Furnace 8
5.3 Perforated plate 8
5.4 Inlet nozzles 9
5.5 Ambient temperature leakage measuring device 10
5.6 Pressure sensors for differential pressure control 10
5.7 Welded connecting duct 10
5.8 Extraction fan 10
5.9 Thermocouples 10
5.10 Surface thermocouples 10
5.11 Oxygen measuring equipment 10
5.12 Oxygen measurement probes 10
5.13 Restraining equipment 11
5.14 Deflection measurements 11
6 Test conditions 11
7 Test specimen 11
7.1 Size 11
7.1.1 General 11
7.1.2 Length 11
7.1.3 Cross-section 11
7.2 Number 12
7.3 Design 12
7.3.1 General 12
7.3.2 Openings in duct 12
7.3.3 Joints in horizontal ducts 12
7.3.4 Joints in vertical ducts 12
7.3.5 Support for vertical ducts 13
7.3.6 Compensators 13
7.3.7 Access panels 13
8 Installation of test specimen 13
8.1 General 13
8.2 Standard supporting construction 14
8.3 Restraint of ducts 14
8.3.1 Inside the furnace 14
8.3.2 Outside the furnace 14
9 Conditioning 14
9.1 General 14
9.2 Water-based sealing materials 14
10 Application of instrumentation 14
10.1 Thermocouples 14
10.1.1 Furnace thermocouples (plate thermometers) 14
10.1.2 Unexposed surface thermocouples 15
10.1.3 Gas temperature adjacent to nozzles 15
10.2 Pressure 15


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oSIST prEN 1366-8:2019
prEN 1366-8:2019 (E)
10.2.1 Furnace pressure 15
10.2.2 Differential under-pressure in duct 15
10.3 Oxygen measurements 15
10.4 Deflection measurement for determination of reduction in internal cross section area15
11 Test procedure 17

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