Safety of laser products - Part 8: Guidelines for the safe use of laser beams on humans

This part of IEC 60825 serves as a guide to the employer, the responsible organisation, the laser safety officer, the laser operator and other persons involved, on the safe use of lasers and laser equipment classified as class 3B or class 4. It covers all applications of laser beams on humans in, but not limited to, health-care facilities, cosmetic and hair removal centres and dental practices, including applications in vehicles and domestic premises. This technical report explains the control measures recommended for the safety of patients, staff, maintenance personnel and others. Engineering controls which form part of the laser equipment or the installation are also briefly described to provide an understanding of the general principles of protection. The subject areas covered in this guide include - beam delivery systems; - biological effects of laser radiation; - reporting of accidents and dangerous situations; - checklists. The object of this report is to enhance the protection of persons from laser radiation and other associated hazards by providing guidance on how to establish safety procedures, precautions and user control measures.

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IEC TR 60825-8:2006 - Safety of laser products - Part 8: Guidelines for the safe use of laser beams on humans
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REPORT TR 60825-8

Second edition

Safety of laser products –
Part 8:
Guidelines for the safe use of laser
beams on humans
Reference number
IEC/TR 60825-8:2006(E)

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REPORT TR 60825-8

Second edition

Safety of laser products –
Part 8:
Guidelines for the safe use of laser
beams on humans
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1 Scope and object .6
2 Normative references.6
3 Terms and definitions .6
4 Hazards, goals and control measures.9
4.1 Risks to eyes.9
4.2 Risks to skin.10
4.3 Fire and burn hazards.11
4.4 Fumes, plumes and vapours .12
4.5 Collateral hazards.13
5 Administrative procedures.13
5.2 Medical supervision (ophthalmic surveillance) .15
5.3 INCIDENT and ACCIDENT reporting.15
5.4 Maintenance and inspection.

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