Railway applications - Technical documents - Part 1: General principles

This document specifies the preparation, administration, and reproduction of technical documents.
It complies with the requirements of EN, ISO or IEC Standards for technical documents.
This document is applicable to all to technical documents for railway applications, irrespective of technology i.e., mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electronic etc.

Bahnanwendungen - Technische Dokumente - Teil 1: Allgemeine Grundsätze

Dieses Dokument legt die Anforderungen für die Anfertigung, Verwaltung und Reproduktion von technischen Zeichnungen für Bahnanwendungen fest. Sie steht in Übereinstimmung mit den Anforderungen von EN , ISO- bzw. IEC-Normen für technische Zeichnungen und gilt für technische Zeichnungen für Bahnanwendungen unabhängig von der angewandten, d. h. mechanischen, pneumatischen, hydraulischen, elektronischen oder sonstigen Technik.
Dieses Dokument gilt für die gesamte Nutzungsdauer der Zeichnungen und betrifft alle Bahnorganisationen und beteiligten Kreise, die mit technischen Zeichnungen befasst sind, sowie Zulieferer, die Zeichnungen für Bahnanwendungen anfertigen. Dieses Dokument gilt nicht für den technischen Inhalt der Dokumente und nicht für Dokumente von baulichen Anlagen.

Applications ferroviaires - Documents techniques - Partie 1 : Principes généraux

Le présent document définit les exigences d'exécution, de gestion et de reproduction des dessins techniques destinés à des applications ferroviaires. Elle se conforme aux exigences des normes EN, ISO ou IEC relatives aux dessins techniques. Elle s'applique aux dessins techniques pour le ferroviaire, indépendamment de la technologie employée, qu'elle soit mécanique, pneumatique, hydraulique, électronique, etc.
Le présent document s'applique pendant toute la durée de validité des dessins. Il s'applique à toutes les organisations ferroviaires et à toutes les parties concernées par les dessins techniques, ainsi qu'aux fournisseurs qui exécutent les dessins pour les applications ferroviaires. Le présent document ne s'applique pas aux contenus techniques du document. Il ne s'applique pas non plus à la documentation du bâtiment.

Železniške naprave - Tehnična dokumentacija - 1. del: Osnovna načela

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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
Železniške naprave - Tehnična dokumentacija - 1. del: Osnovna načela
Railway applications - Technical documents - Part 1: General principles
Bahnanwendungen - Technische Dokumente - Teil 1: Allgemeine Grundsätze
Applications ferroviaires - Documents techniques - Partie 1 : Principes généraux
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: prEN 15016-1
01.110 Tehnična dokumentacija za Technical product
izdelke documentation
45.020 Železniška tehnika na Railway engineering in
splošno general
oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022 en,fr,de
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022

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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022

prEN 15016-1


April 2022
ICS 01.100.01; 45.020 Will supersede EN 15016-1:2004
English Version

Railway applications - Technical documents - Part 1:
General principles
Applications ferroviaires - Documents techniques - Bahnanwendungen - Technische Dokumente - Teil 1:
Partie 1 : Principes généraux Allgemeine Grundsätze
This draft European Standard is submitted to CEN members for enquiry. It has been drawn up by the Technical Committee
CEN/TC 256.

If this draft becomes a European Standard, CEN members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations
which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard the status of a national standard without any alteration.

This draft European Standard was established by CEN in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any other
language made by translation under the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the CEN-CENELEC
Management Centre has the same status as the official versions.

CEN members are the national standards bodies of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and
United Kingdom.

Recipients of this draft are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are
aware and to provide supporting documentation.

Warning : This document is not a European Standard. It is distributed for review and comments. It is subject to change without
notice and shall not be referred to as a European Standard.



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© 2022 CEN All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved Ref. No. prEN 15016-1:2022 E
worldwide for CEN national Members.

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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
Contents Page
European foreword . 3
Introduction . 4
1 Scope . 5
2 Normative references . 5
3 Terms and definitions . 6
4 Symbols and abbreviated terms . 6
5 Preparation of drawings . 6
5.1 Layout . 6
5.1.1 Composition . 6
5.1.2 Special cases . 6
5.1.3 Applications . 6
5.1.4 Multiple sheets . 6
5.1.5 Avoiding duplicate indications . 7
5.2 Characteristic features . 7
5.2.1 General . 7
5.2.2 Drawing sheet or base . 7
5.2.3 Drawing sheet sizes . 7
5.2.4 Permanent layout features . 7
5.3 Execution . 8
5.3.1 Graphical representation of layout . 8
5.3.2 Characteristics of lines . 8
5.3.3 Characteristics of lettering . 9
5.3.4 Item references .10
6 Preparation of technical documents other than drawings .11
6.1 General layout .11
6.2 Characteristics features .11
6.3 Identification .11
6.3.1 Copyright and exploitation rights .11
6.3.2 Intellectual property .11
6.4 Execution .11
Annex A (normative) Title block .12
A.1 Presentation .12
A.2 Contents .12
A.3 Description of title block fields .15
Annex B (normative) Complete title block with dimensions for the recommended and
informative parts .20
Bibliography .23


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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
European foreword
This document (prEN 15016-1:2022) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 256 "Railway
applications", the secretariat of which is held by DIN.
This document is currently submitted to the CEN Enquiry.
This document will supersede EN 15016-1:2004.
In comparison with the previous edition, the following technical modifications have been made:
The references to standards, the clause “Terms and definitions” have been updated. The clause “Symbols and
abbreviated terms” and the clause “Preparation of technical documents other than drawings” have been
added. Microcopying has been deleted. In Annex A references to the Data Model of Part 4 have been
incorporated to show the relation between the fields of the title blocks of technical documents and the data
fields for data exchange.
This document is part of the standard series “Railway applications — Technical documents” which consists of
the following parts:
— EN 15016-1: General principles
— EN 15016-2: Parts lists
— EN 15016-3: Handling of modifications of technical documents
— EN 15016-4: Data exchange
The scope of Part 1 to 3 is the complete railway applications. However, the scope of part 4 is rolling stock only
because this is the typical application field for the specified data exchange.
The Annexes A and B are normative.


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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
In railway business, the customer very often requires, as part of a contract, technical documents in a certain
form. In order to support co-operation and effective exchange of information between customers, suppliers
and partners, it is necessary to have the document requirements precisely defined.
This document refers to EN, ISO or IEC standards dealing with technical documents. In cases where ISO or IEC
standards are not sufficiently precise, this standard gives specific details. These additions to ISO and IEC
standards facilitate the exploitation and administration.
These requirements have been drawn up in order to accommodate:
— the large variety of users;
— ease of documents transfer;
— any specific series of documentation related to the railway material they define.
Special consideration has been given to those producing drawings by computer and their reproduction
without loss of quality.
NOTE The range of documents covers documents such as specifications, conditions for acceptance or further
technical specifications which cannot be graphically represented. This is meant to highlight the difference between
“graphical representation” and “verbal description”.


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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
1 Scope
This document lays down requirements for the preparation, administration and reproduction of technical
drawings for railway applications. It complies with the requirements of EN, ISO or IEC Standards for technical
drawings. It applies to technical drawings for railways, irrespective of technology i.e. mechanical, pneumatic,
hydraulic, electronic etc.
The document applies throughout the total life span of the drawings. It applies to all the railway organizations
and parties concerned with technical drawings, and to suppliers preparing drawings for railway applications.
This document does not apply to the technical contents of the document. Neither does the standard apply to
building documentation.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes
requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references,
the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN 17343:2020, Railway applications — General terms and definitions
EN 81346-1, Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products — Structuring principles
and reference designations — Part 1: Basic rules (IEC 81346-1)
EN 81346-2, Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products — Structuring principles
and reference designations — Part 2: Classification of objects and codes for classes (IEC 81346-2)
EN 61355-1, Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment — Part 1: Rules and
classification tables (IEC 61355-1)
EN ISO 3098-1, Technical product documentation — Lettering — Part10: General requirements (ISO 3098-1)
EN ISO 3098-2, Technical product documentation — Lettering — Part 2: Latin alphabet, numerals and marks
(ISO 3098-2)
EN ISO 5457:1999, Technical product documentation — Sizes and layout of drawing sheets (ISO 5457:1999)
EN ISO 6433, Technical product documentation — Part references (ISO 6433)
EN ISO 10209:2012, Technical product documentation — Vocabulary — Terms relating to technical drawings,
product definition and related documentation (ISO 10209:2012)
EN ISO 128-2:2020, Technical product documentation (TPD) — General principles of representation — Part 2:
Basic conventions for lines (ISO 128-2:2020)
EN ISO 128-3, Technical product documentation (TPD) — General principles of representation — Part 3: Views,
sections and cuts (ISO 128-3)
ISO 639-1, Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 1: Alpha-2 code
ISO 80000-1, Quantities and units — Part 1: General
ISO 7200, Technical product documentation — Data fields in title blocks and document headers
ISO 16016, Technical product documentation — Protection notices for restricting the use of documents and

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oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in EN 17343:2020 and EN ISO 10209:2012
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
— IEC Electropedia: available at https://www.electropedia.org/
— ISO Online browsing platform: available at https://www.iso.org/obp
4 Symbols and abbreviated terms
For the purposes of this document, the following abbreviation applies.
original equipment manufacturer
5 Preparation of drawings
5.1 Layout
5.1.1 Composition
Any document shall be given an identification number.
A set of drawings describing an assembly, a product or an installation will normally by various means (drawing
lists, document control lists etc.) be formed as an entity. Parts lists mainly list details of an assemblage or
collective drawing at a certain level. All of these parts lists may be produced either on drawing forms or parts
of drawings or as documents affiliated to the company's administrative system.
Each different part or different assembly shall have a separate identification number.
It is recommended that the parts list forms a separate document (see EN 15016-2). Alternatively, the parts list
may be entered on the same sheet as the drawing above the title block.
5.1.2 Special cases
It is permissible to represent similar parts or assemblies on a drawing.
5.1.3 Applications
If required, the applications or the identification number of the document indicating the relations between the
drawing and the applications should be noted in the title block of the drawing or parts list.
5.1.4 Multiple sheets
Multiple sheet drawings marked with the same registration or identification number shall be provided with a
sequential sheet number. In addition, the total number of sheets shall be shown on sheet 1, for example:
“Sheet No. n/p”
n is the sheet number;
p is the total number of sheets
(see ISO 7200).

---------------------- Page: 8 ----------------------
oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E)
5.1.5 Avoiding duplicate indications
All indications relating to standards, dimensions, materials and unit mass of parts involved in the composition
of an assembly should preferably be indicated on the parts lists of the parts concerned. If, for information
purposes, a dimension has to be repeated on the assembly drawing, it is to be written in brackets.
This remark shall not apply to specifications.
For example: indivisible or welded assemblies can have specific dimension and tolerance at their own level
even if the nominal dimension value is the same.
5.2 Characteristic features
5.2.1 General
For sizes and layout of preprinted drawing sheets EN ISO 5457 shall apply.
5.2.2 Drawing sheet or base
Drawing sheets used for the preparation or printing of drawings should have a mat surface. Drawing sheets
from polyester for which ISO 9958-1 and ISO 9958-2 apply should have a minimum wideness of 50 mm.
Drawing sheets from tracing paper according to ISO 9961 should have a minimum grammage of 90 g/m and
standardized (writing) paper according to EN ISO 216 should have a minimum grammage of 70 g/m .
Drawing sheets shall be chosen with a view to obtaining the best contrast between background and
representation according to EN ISO 6428.
5.2.3 Drawing sheet sizes
The original drawings shall be made to a standardized drawing sheet size electing the smallest size permitting
adequate legibility.
The standardized sizes of the original drawings and their reproductions shall be selected from EN ISO 5457.
5.2.4 Permanent layout features Title block
A title block shall appear on all drawings. It shall contain the necessary headings for identification and use
according to ISO 7200.
It is recommended to use the same title block on all sheets of the drawing. It is permitted to use a reduced title
block on the sheets following sheet 1. This block shall, as a minimum, have the same identification zone. The
compulsory part of the title block is defined in Annex A. Its location is independent of the direction of reading
adopted for the drawing.
In the normal reading position, the title block is situated at the bottom right-hand corner of the frame, the
drawing sheet being viewed:
— in the portrait (vertical) position for the A4 size;
— in the landscape (horizontal) position for the A3 to A0 sizes according to EN ISO 5457.
For the preparation of documents used in electrotechnology, see EN 61082-1. Copyright and exploitation rights
The designation shall be in accordance with ISO 16016. Exploitation rights shall be indicated. The name of the
legal owner or the name of the creator of the drawing shall be written in the title block. Information concerning
also existing exploitation rights can be indicated inside or outside the drawing field, where appropriate.

---------------------- Page: 9 ----------------------
oSIST prEN 15016-1:2022
prEN 15016-1:2022 (E) Intellectual property
The designation shall be in accordance with ISO 16016. Protection rights should be indicated at an appropriate
place inside or outside the drawing field of the drawing and/or in the parts lists.
5.3 Execution
5.3.1 Graphical representation of layout Arrangement of the drawing sheet
The arrangement of the drawing sheet shall be in accordance with EN ISO 5457:1999, 4.1. Presentation methods, symbols and scales
For the relative position of views, use shall be made of the First Angle projection method (earlier known as
European method of representation Method E) as defined by EN ISO 128-3.
The simplified and symbolic representation specified by European or International Standards should be
adopted in preference to text.
Scales according to EN ISO 5455 are recommended. Leader line
Leader lines shall preferably be terminated by a dot or an arrow, placed on the pa

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