Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Vocabulary (ISO 8330:1998)

Gummi- und Kunststoffschläuche und -schlauchleitungen - Vokabular (ISO 8330:1998)

Diese Internationale Norm gibt Definitionen zu Bezeichnungen, die in der Schlauchindustrie verwendet werden. Die Bezeichnungen sind in alphabetischer Reihenfolge in Deutsch aufgeführt. Wenn eine Bezeichnung ein oder mehr Synonyme hat, folgen die sinnverwandten Bezeichnungen den bevorzugten Bezeichnungen und sind ebenfalls in alphabetischer Reihenfolge aufgeführt. Nicht empfohlene sinnverwandte Bezeichnungen sind als (nicht empfohlen) gekennzeichnet.

Tuyaux et flexibles en caoutchouc et en plastique - Vocabulaire (ISO 8330:1998)

Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Vocabulary (ISO 8330:1998)

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Vocabulary (ISO 8330:1998)
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Vocabulary (ISO 8330:1998)
Gummi- und Kunststoffschläuche und -schlauchleitungen - Vokabular (ISO 8330:1998)
Tuyaux et flexibles en caoutchouc et en plastique - Vocabulaire (ISO 8330:1998)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN ISO 8330:2000
01.040.23 7HNRþLQVNLVLVWHPLLQVHVWDYQL Fluid systems and
GHOL]DVSORãQRUDER 6ORYDUML components for general use
23.040.70 Gumene cevi in armature Hoses and hose assemblies
SIST EN ISO 8330:2000 en
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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
First edition
1998-05 15
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose
assemblies - Vocabulary
Tuyaux et flexibles en caoutchouc et en plastique - Vocabulaire
Reference number
IS0 8330: 1998(E)

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
IS0 8330:1998(E)
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a vote.
International Standard IS0 8330 was prepared by Technical Committee
lSO/TC 45, Rubber and rubber products, Subcommittee SC 1, Hoses
(rubber and plastics).
It cancels and replaces ISOTTR 8330:1986, which has been technically
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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies
- Vocabulary
1 Scope
This International Standard defines terms used in the hose industry. The terms are listed
alphabetically in English.
When a term has one or more synonym(s), the synonymous terms follow the preferred term and
are also listed in the alphabetic sequence. Deprecated synonymous terms are indicated by
The expression “See also . . . . . . . .”
“(deprecated) “. is used after the definition (or note) to refer to
another term (not always synonym) whose definition or note contains information related to the
term preceding the expression.
2 Terms and definitions
angle of braid
angle of lay
acute angle between any strand of the braid and a line parallel to the axis of the hose
angle of lay
(see also angle of braid)
armoured hose
hose with a protective covering, b
oenerally applied as a braid or helix, to minimise phvsical
protective covering over a hose. generallv applied as a braid or helix. to prevent mechanical
damage or to suppk-t the reinforcement &a section hose
bend radius
radius of a bent section of hose measured to the innermost surface of the curved portion
bending force
foad reduired to induce bending around a specified radius and hence a measure of stiffness
bias angle
smailer ‘inciuded angie between the tarp threads of a cloth and a diagonal line cutting across the
warp threads
bias cut
cut of a textile material made diagonally at an angle less than 90 O to the longitudinal axis

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
IS0 8330:1998(E)
bias seam
seam at which bias cut fabrics are joined together
binding-in wire
nipple wire
wire used to anchor a hose to a nipple, usually applied during the construction of the hose
body wire
round or flat wire helix embedded in the hose wall to increase strength or to resist collapse
inside of a hose through which the material to be conveyed passes
continuous sleeve of interwoven single or multiple strands of yarn or wire
braided hose
hose in which the reinforcement has been applied as interwoven spiral strands
mark or symbol either embossed, inlaid or printed on a hose, coupling or hose assemblv
identifying or describing a product and/or manufacturer
breaker ply
open mesh fabric used to enhance the bond of a hose lining or cover to its carcass and to spread
NOTE This addition can add reinforcement to these components.
burst pressure
pressure at which rupture of the hose occurs
NOTE The term has the dimension of bar!
capped end
seaied end (deprecated)
hose end covered to protect its internal elements
fabric. cord and/or metal reinforcing section of a hose, as distinouished from the hose tube or
CGe ulso reinforcement)
’ 1 bar = 0,l MPa

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
IS0 8330: 1998(E)
cloth marked finish
appearance of the vulcanized cover produced by straight or spiral wrapping used during
vulcanization and subsequently removed
(See also wrapper marks)
coiling diameter
minimum diameter of coil to which a hose can be coiled without damage
collapsible hose
softwall hose which, when unpressurized internally, can be coiled on itself
(See also @flat hose)
state in which the components of a hose are firmly brought together by the application of pressure
during manufacture
NOTE Components can not be considered bonded until after vulcanization. Consolidation procedures may be
carried out several times during construction.
convoluted hose
hose fluted helically (externally and/or internally)
corrugated hose
hose with a cover fluted circumferentially with bellows-like corrugations
fitting, usuallv made of metal, attached to the end of a hose to facilitate connection to equipment
or another hose
NOTE A female coupling carries the internal fastening; a male coupling carries the external fastening.
outer layer covering the reinforcement
abrupt localised deviation in direction of a hose when pressurized; caused bv a local flaw in the
construction of the carcass. being manifest as a sharp or angular change in direction
extra reinforcing materiai aDpiied to the end of a hose to provide additional strength or stifiess
enlarged end
hose end having a diameter greater than the internal diameter of the hose to accommodate a
coupling or to fit onto pipework
embedding layer
layer of rubber in which is embedded a reinforcing helix of wire or other material

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SIST EN ISO 8330:2000
IS0 8330: 1998(E)
externally convoluted hose
hose containing a reinforcing helix in which the outer cover has been formed into corrugations
between the turns of the helix.
Such hoses may be rough bore, semi-embedded bore or smooth
plane structure produced by interlaced yarns, fibres or filaments
filler strip
material added during fabrication of a hose containing supporting helix to fill the spaces
between the successive turns
hand-built hose
hose made by hand on a mandrel, reinforced by textile or wire or combination of both and a
hardwall hose
hose containing, in the wall, a concentric supporting helix of rigid or semi-rigid material
helical cord (in hose)
reinforcement formed by a cord or cords wound spirally around the body of a hose
shape formed by spiralling a wire or other reinforcement around or within the body of the hose
helix angle
acute angle between any strand of helical reinforcement and a line parallel to the axis
flexible tube consisting

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