Automotive fuels - LPG - Requirements and test methods

This document specifies requirements and test methods for marketed and delivered automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), with LPG defined as low pressure liquefied gas composed of one or more light hydrocarbons which are assigned to UN 1011, 1075, 1965, 1969 or 1978 only and which consists mainly of propane, propene, butane, butane isomers, butenes with traces of other hydrocarbon gases.
This standard is applicable to automotive LPG for use in LPG engine vehicles designed to run on automotive LPG.
NOTE   For the purposes of this European Standard, the terms "% (m/m)" and "% (V/V)" are used to represent respectively the mass fraction, µ, and the volume fraction, φ.
WARNING - Attention is drawn to the risk of fire and explosion when handling LPG and to the hazard to health arising through inhalation of excessive amounts of LPG.
LPG is a highly volatile hydrocarbon liquid which is normally stored under pressure. If the pressure is released large volumes of gas will be produced which form flammable mixtures with air over the range of approximately 2 % (V/V) to 10 % (V/V). This European Standard involves the sampling, handling and testing of LPG. Naked flames, unprotected electrical equipment electrostatic hazards etc. are sources of ignition for LPG.
LPG in liquid form can cause cold burns to the skin. The national health and safety regulations apply.
LPG is heavier than air and accumulates in cavities. There is a danger of suffocation when inhaling high concentrations of LPG.
CAUTION - One of the tests described in this European Standard involves the operator inhaling a mixture of air and LPG vapour. Particular attention is drawn to the cautionary statement provided in A.1, where this method is referred to.

Kraftstoffe - Flüssiggas - Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren

Carburants pour automobiles - GPL - Exigences et méthodes d'essai

Goriva za motorna vozila - Utekočinjeni naftni plin (UNP) - Zahteve in preskusne metode

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SIST EN 589:2019/oprA1:2020
Goriva za motorna vozila - Utekočinjeni naftni plin (UNP) - Zahteve in preskusne
Automotive fuels - LPG - Requirements and test methods
Kraftstoffe - Flüssiggas - Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren
Carburants pour automobiles - GPL - Exigences et méthodes d'essai
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75.160.20 Tekoča goriva Liquid fuels
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Automotive fuels - LPG - Requirements and test methods
Carburants pour automobiles - GPL - Exigences et Kraftstoffe - Flüssiggas - Anforderungen und
méthodes d'essai Prüfverfahren
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