Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures - Part 2-1: Building construction

This European Standard addresses the construction of buildings and other structures which provide accommodation for data centres based upon the criteria and classification for “physical security” within EN 50600 1 in support of availability. This European Standard specifies requirements and recommendations for the following: a) location and site selection; b) building construction; c) building configuration; d) fire protection; e) quality construction measures. Safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this European Standard and are covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this European Standard may be of assistance in meeting these standards and regulations. Conformance of data centres to the present document is covered in Clause 4.

Informationstechnik - Einrichtungen und Infrastrukturen von Rechenzentren - Teil 2-1: Gebäudekonstruktion

Technologies de l’information - Installation et infrastructures des centres de traitement de données - Partie 2-1: Construction des bâtiments

La présente Norme Européenne couvre la construction de bâtiments et d'autres structures accueillant des centres de traitement de données en se basant sur les critères et la classification relatives à la “sécurité physique” dans l'EN 50600 1 afin d'assurer sa disponibilité. La présente Norme Européenne spécifie des exigences et recommandations relatives aux points suivants: a) emplacement et choix de site; b) construction des bâtiments; c) configurations des bâtiments; d) protection contre le feu; e) mesures relatives à la qualité de la construction. Les exigences relatives à la sécurité et à la compatibilité électromagnétique (CEM) ne relèvent pas du domaine d'application de la présente Norme Européenne et sont couvertes par d'autres normes et réglementations. Toutefois, les informations fournies dans la présente Norme Européenne peuvent s'avérer utiles pour satisfaire à ces normes et réglementations. La conformité des centres de traitement de données au présent document est couverte à l'Article 4.

Informacijska tehnologija - Naprave in infrastruktura podatkovnega centra - 2-1. del: Konstrukcija stavbe

Ta evropski standard zajema konstrukcijo stavb in drugih struktur, ki zagotavljajo prostor za podatkovne centre, ki temeljijo na kriterijih in klasifikaciji »fizične varnosti« v okviru standarda EN 50600-1 za podporo dostopnosti.
Ta evropski standard določa zahteve in podaja priporočila za:
a) lokacijo in izbiro mesta,
b) konstrukcijo zgradbe,
c) konfiguracijo zgradbe,
d) požarno zaščito,
e) kakovost konstrukcijskih ukrepov.
Varnostne zahteve in zahteve za elektromagnetno združljivost (EMC) ne sodijo v področje uporabe tega evropskega standarda in so zajete v drugih standardih in predpisih. Kljub temu lahko informacije v tem evropskem standardu pripomorejo k izpolnjevanju teh standardov in predpisov. Skladnost podatkovnih centrov s tem dokumentom je zajeta v točki 4.

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Informacijska tehnologija - Naprave in infrastruktura podatkovnega centra - 2-1.
del: Konstrukcija stavbe
Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures - art 2-1: Building
Informationstechnik - Einrichtungen und Infrastrukturen von Rechenzentren - Teil 2-1:
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 50600-2-1:2014
35.020 Informacijska tehnika in Information technology (IT) in
tehnologija na splošno general
35.110 Omreževanje Networking
91.140.50 Sistemi za oskrbo z elektriko Electricity supply systems
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

EN 50600-2-1
March 2014
ICS 35.020; 35.110; 91.140.50
English version
Information technology -
Data centre facilities and infrastructures -
Part 2-1: Building construction

Technologies de l’information -  Informationstechnik -
Installation et infrastructures des centres Einrichtungen und Infrastrukturen von
de traitement de données - Rechenzentren -
Partie 2-1: Construction des bâtiments Teil 2-1: Gebäudekonstruktion

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Ref. No. EN 50600-2-1:2014 E
Foreword . 4
Introduction . 5
1 Scope . 7
2 Normative references. 7
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations . 8
3.1 Terms and definitions . 8
3.2 Abbreviations . 9
4 Conformance . 9
5 Location . 9
5.1 Assessment of location . 9
5.2 Geographical location. 10
5.3 Natural environment . 10
5.4 Adjacencies . 10
5.5 Infrastructure factors . 11
6 Site configuration . 11
6.1 General . 11
6.2 Site selection . 12
6.3 Assessment of existing premises . 13
6.4 Utilities . 13
6.5 Access routes . 13
6.6 Deliveries . 14
6.7 Parking . 14
6.8 Exterior installations . 14
6.9 Perimeter . 15
7 Building construction . 15
7.1 Building structure . 15
7.2 Foundations . 16
7.3 Exterior walls . 16
7.4 Interior walls providing boundaries of Protection Class . 17
7.5 Roofs . 17
7.6 Rain water drainage . 18
7.7 Floors and Ceilings . 18
7.8 Corridors and doors. 19
8 Data centre spaces and access routes . 19
8.1 Accommodation . 19
8.2 Protection . 21
8.3 Floors . 22
8.4 Ceilings . 23
8.5 Access to data centre spaces . 23
8.6 Vapour density . 23

– 3 – EN 50600-2-1:2014
9 Fire compartments, fire barriers and fire suppression systems . 24
9.1 General . 24
9.2 Fire barriers . 24
9.3 Fire compartments for gaseous extinguishing systems . 25
9.4 Fire suppression . 25
10 Building configurations . 26
10.1 Design phase . 26
10.2 Inter-relationship of functional spaces . 26
Annex A (normative) Additional requirements and recommendations . 28
A.1 Utilities . 28
A.2 Personnel entrance and lobby . 28
A.3 Docking bay . 28
A.4 Other rooms . 28
Annex B (informative) Physical protection against external hazards . 29
B.1 General . 29
B.2 Building codes . 29
B.3 Protection for IT equipment and data storage . 29
Bibliography . 31

Figure 1 — Schematic relationship between the EN 50600 standards . 6
Figure 2 — Site of a Data Centre . 12

Table 1 — Load capacity guidance . 22

This document (EN 50600-2-1:2014) has been prepared by CLC/TC 215 “Electrotechnical aspects of
telecommunication equipment”.
The following dates are fixed:
• latest date by which this document has (dop) 2015-01-06
to be implemented at national level by
publication of an identical national
standard or by endorsement
(dow) 2015-01-06
• latest date by which the national
standards conflicting with this
document have to be withdrawn
Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent
rights. CENELEC [and/or CEN] shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.
This document has been prepared under a mandate given to CENELEC by the European Commission and
the European Free Trade Association.

– 5 – EN 50600-2-1:2014
The unrestricted access to internet-based information demanded by the information society has led to an
exponential growth of both internet traffic and the volume of stored/retrieved data. Data centres are housing
and supporting the information technology and network telecommunications equipment for data processing,
data storage and data transport. They are required both by network operators (delivering those services to
customer premises) and by enterprises within those customer premises.
Data centres need to provide modular, scalable and flexible facilities and infrastructures to easily
accommodate the rapidly changing requirements of the market. In addition, energy consumption of data
centres has become critical both from an environmental point of view (reduction of carbon footprint) and with
respect to economical considerations (cost of energy) for the data centre operator.
The implementation of data centres varies in terms of:
a) purpose (enterprise, co-location, co-hosting, or network operator facilities);
b) security level;
c) physical size;
d) accommodation (mobile, temporary and permanent constructions).
The needs of data centres also vary in terms of availability of service, the provision of security and the
objectives for energy efficiency. These needs and objectives influence the design of dat

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