Lighting equipment with radio communication - safety requirements

This document specifies safety requirements for radio-integrated lighting equipment. NOTE 1 Examples for lighting equipment are light sources, lamps, luminaires and controlgear for light sources. NOTE 2 With the radio equipment integrated into the lighting equipment, the lighting equipment itself becomes radio equipment which is subject to the provisions of the RED.

Beleuchtungseinrichtung mit Funkkommunikation - Sicherheitsanforderungen

Équipements radioélectriques intégrés dans des appareils d'éclairage - Exigences de sécurité

Oprema za razsvetljavo z radijsko komunikacijo - Varnostne zahteve

Ta evropski standard določa varnostne zahteve za LED-opremo za osvetljevanje z vgrajeno radijsko opremo. Primeri LED-opreme za osvetljevanje so LED-moduli, LED-sijalke za naknadno opremljanje, LED-svetilke in krmilne naprave za vire LED-svetlobe.
OPOMBA: Z vgradnjo radijske opreme v LED-opremo za osvetljevanje ta postane (kombinirana) radijska oprema, pri čemer za celotno kombinirano radijsko opremo veljajo določbe direktive o radijski opremi (RED).

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SIST EN 50705:2023
Oprema za razsvetljavo z radijsko komunikacijo - Varnostne zahteve
Lighting equipment with radio communication - safety requirements
Beleuchtungseinrichtung mit Funkkommunikation - Sicherheitsanforderungen
Appareil d'éclairage avec équipement radioélectrique - Exigences de sécurité
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29.140.40 Svetila Luminaires
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ICS 29.140.99; 33.060.01
English Version
Lighting equipment with radio communication - safety
Équipements radioélectriques intégrés dans des appareils Beleuchtungseinrichtung mit Funkkommunikation -
d'éclairage - Exigences de sécurité Sicherheitsanforderungen
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European foreword . 3
1 Scope . 4
2 Normative references . 4
3 Terms and definitions . 5
4 Electrical, mechanical thermal, photobiological and other safety requirements . 6
4.1 General . 6
4.2 Luminaires . 6
4.3 Light sources . 7
4.4 Other lighting equipment . 7
5 Requirements on the human exposure to electromagnetic fields . 7
6 Product Information. 8
Bibliography . 9

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SIST EN 50705:2023
EN 50705:2023 (E)
European foreword
This document (EN 50705:2023) has been prepared by CLC/TC 34 “Lighting”.
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• latest date by which the national standards (dow) 2026-04-28

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