Conductors for overhead lines - Characteristics of greases

This standard specifies the characteristics of protective products, commonly known as greases, for corrosion protection of bare overhead line conductors made of aluminium, aluminium alloy, steel wires or a combination of these wires.

Leiter für Freileitungen - Eigenschaften von Fetten

Conducteurs pour lignes aériennes - Caractéristiques des produits de protection

Vodniki za nadzemne vode – Karakteristike masti za vodnike

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EN 50326:2003
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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.Vodniki za nadzemne vode – Karakteristike masti za vodnikeLeiter für Freileitungen - Eigenschaften von FettenConducteurs pour lignes aériennes - Caractéristiques des produits de protectionConductors for overhead lines - Characteristics of greases75.100MazivaLubricants, industrial oils and related products29.240.20DaljnovodiPower transmission and distribution lines29.060.20KabliCablesICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:EN 50326:2002SIST EN 50326:2003en01-junij-2003SIST EN 50326:2003SLOVENSKI

SIST EN 50326:2003

EUROPEAN STANDARDEN 50326NORME EUROPÉENNEEUROPÄISCHE NORMAugust 2002CENELECEuropean Committee for Electrotechnical StandardizationComité Européen de Normalisation ElectrotechniqueEuropäisches Komitee für Elektrotechnische NormungCentral Secretariat: rue de Stassart 35, B - 1050 Brussels© 2002 CENELEC -All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved worldwide for CENELEC members.Ref. No. EN 50326:2002 EICS 29.240.20; 75.100English versionConductors for overhead lines -Characteristics of greasesConducteurs pour lignes aériennes -Caractéristiques des produits deprotectionLeiter für Freileitungen -Eigenschaften von FettenThis European Standard was approved by CENELEC on 2002-03-01. CENELEC members are bound tocomply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this EuropeanStandard the status of a national standard without any alteration.Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained onapplication to the Central Secretariat or to any CENELEC member.This European Standard exists in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any otherlanguage made by translation under the responsibility of a CENELEC member into its own language andnotified to the Central Secretariat has the same status as the official versions.CENELEC members are the national electrotechnical committees of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta,Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.SIST EN 50326:2003

EN 50326:2002- 2 -ForewordThis European Standard was prepared by the Technical Committee CENELEC TC 7, Overheadelectrical conductors.The text of the draft was submitted to the formal vote and was approved by CENELEC as EN50326 on 2002-03-01.The following dates were fixed:-latest date by which the EN has to be implementedat national level by publication of an identicalnational standard or by endorsement(dop)2003-03-01-latest date by which the national standards conflictingwith the EN have to be withdrawn(dow)2005-03-01Annexes designated "normative" are part of the body of the standard.Annexes designated "informative" are given for information only.In this standard, annexes A, B, C and D are normative and annex E is informative.__________SIST EN 50326:2003

- 3 -EN 50326:2002Contents1Scope.42Normative references.43Definitions.44Designation system.45Requirements for grease.56Tests.57Packaging and marking.108Information to be clarified by the grease purchaser and the grease supplier.11Annex A (normative)
Acidity or alkalinity test method for type B grease.13Annex B (normative)
Sample preparation and test procedure for ageing test.15Annex C (normative)
Test method for stability under steady state conditions.18Annex D (normative)
Test method for stability under short circuit conditions.19Annex E (informative)
Greases in frequent use in some of the member countries.20Figure 1 – Grading index of degree of corrosion (see 6.12.2).12Figure B.1 – Suggested method for coating steel plates with type A grease.15Figure B.2 – Steel plate for type B grease.16Table 1 – Type and sample tests for grease.

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